Errors opening module

I get these popup errors when opening my module, there is a lot og them and I am having trouble figuring out whats causing it!


I usually get errors when my 2da files have a problem. Not sure what would cause a blueprint error though, unless you’re missing content from a .hak file.

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We have had the idea of moving over files to a new module save but that is very tedious and I am not sure we need to do that. I think this can be fixed, I just need to find out which blueprints have errors and why.

The best way to find the corrupt blueprints is by saving your module. Once it’s saved, all blueprints will have the current date/time stamp applied to them. Any corrupt blueprints will NOT get the current date/time stamp. So go into your file explorer and sort the files by type and date. Any blueprint files with an old date are likely the corrupt files. Blue print files are UTI, UTP, UTW, UTC, UTT, etc files.


A small addition to that. A corrupt blueprint will most likely have a size of 0kb.

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Great thank you for the help! Hopefully that does it.