Escape Key Not Working!

Anyone know why pressing the escape key would do nothing?

Every other key works fine, but pressing the escape key - nothing.

It just stopped working while playing.

(It works outside the game and on a reload.)

EDIT: It may have just been a glitch, but if anyone has any knowledge of what may cause that, it would be good to know.

I have experienced it but I never figured out what happened.

I occasionally lose keyboard input, possibly because I’m hitting some weird key combination without realizing it.

I can almost always get it back by using the mouse to open the options menu and just selecting Resume.

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Yes, I also have to go via the main menu to get out of the game again.

It’s most strange - and something I have only recently encountered.

Thanks for confirming I’m not alone, anyway. :+1:

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It can happen if you press Enter, and thus enter the chat box: you think the keyboard doesn’t respond, but in fact the keystrokes are sent to the chat box :wink:
At least that was the case for me when I had a similar behavior!

However that doesn’t explain Lance’s problem, since

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Yes, this is weird to say the least - I have had it happen about three times in total so far, but usually after quite a bit of alt-tab between toolset usage - and since being on Windows 11, which does not appear to handle alt-tab very well.

I was going to see if I could locate an xml for the escape key and check there - Is there one?

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That could very well be the cause of my more common issue as I often hit Enter when inputting a unique save name and could easily be holding it down too long so as to get a second key press recorded.

I have however experienced the Escape Key only problem that Lance describes at least two or three times that I recall.

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1 : When you loose focus on a controlled character, “means” you aren’t controlling anything. Clicking on a character portrait to assume control may resume the escape key function.

2: cutscene mode.

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Yes, I tried that too. :slight_smile: It is the weirdest thing though, nothing appeared to bring it back. Even when switching between PCs.

Also, while one time it occurred after a conversation, which could have been related to some rogue cutscene element, another time no conversation had been involved as far as I recall.

The only other thing I considered was if it was related to an animation in some way, as I had just had the PC pick up a ton of dropped items. I went to save after that and the escape key did nothing. :thinking:

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