Eurgiga Robes textures problem

I’m trying to find if someone has encountered the same problema as I did.

I’ve been using this hak Eurgiga robes with horses and project q | The Neverwinter Vault with no issues, as you can see here (WIP) Lands of Intrigue development thread - #6 by Baireswolf.

Nothing has changed in the hak list since then, but since last 2 updates it seems something has messed with the Robes textures when mounted.

Any insights about what could have changed in the Latest updates?

I’ve also tried it with a clean PQ module, and when your PC mounts the robe textures get blanked out.


I took a look at the hak and to fix the texture issue you’re seeing - for the normal mounted human male phenotype - simply delete all plt files with the pmh3 prefix from said hak. pfh0 / pmh0 plts are enough for all phenotypes and races. Therefor I don’t think this is related to any NWN update.

Those are some pretty cool robes btw.

Thanks a lot… it did the trick.

It’s still weird (to me at least) why it was working fine in mid-august and it stopped after the last 2 updates.

Ah sorry, I didn’t look at your video before.

I looked a little further into it and you were right, this issue was caused by update 8193.32. Under Other Features in the patch notes it says:

  • PLT textures can now be phenotype-specific.

So those pmh3 plts were borked from the start but never caused an issue because they were ignored before. Since that patch the male human normal mounted phenotype (aka pmh3) used those specific plts and therefor the messed up texture issue.

Quite interesting.