Eurgiga's Robes + Horse Riding Pheno/Model

Has anyone figured out how to get these beautiful robes to work on horseback? I saw a post a while back about changing text in the .mdl file to get each of them to work. I tried something similar to:

And wound up with some interesting results to say the least. I particularly like the unamused way the horse is glancing down at my failure:

Anyway, does anyone have any advice for this?


What you’re seeing there is a robe model getting it’s animations from phenotype 3, while the character is in phenotype 0 (same as, normally, when you mount, the robe stays in phenotype 0 or 2 even as the character switches to phenotype 3/5/6/8). I think you’ve probably got a pfa0_robe that’s internally referencing supermodel pfa3. So, you’ve actually almost got it.

This is what you do to set up riding versions of p##0 and p##2 robes:

Duplicate the model files twice. Rename the duplicate phenotype 0 versions to 3 and 6, and the duplicate phenotype 2 versions to 5 and 8, internally as well as externally. Make sure that the p##3 versions are pointing to supermodel p##3, and the 5-ers to supermodel p##5, and so on, and so forth. The original phenotype 0 and 2 versions need to stay intact, and continue pointing to supermodel p##0 and/or p##2.


… that horse does look utterly unimpressed with the halfling’s display of masterful contortionism. :grin: