Event script rushing in MotB

Hey all.
I recently did all the patching to from this site, and now in motb eveytime the even script triggers they rush through their dialogue and it goes to my response. I don’t know they say.

Which patching are you speaking of, exactly?

It sounds like they’re having 0-length lines. Perhaps the dialog.tlk is wrong?

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I have a feeling the sound files for the dialogue are missing here.

Alstot112: In your NWN2 install folder, there’s a “Data” folder. In here are a whole bunch of .zip files. The ones called “VO*” contain the dialogue .wav files. You should have the following ones.

Are any in your install folder missing, or smaller in size?

yes i recall there were issues with MotB’s VO zip when patching up …

@Alstot112 what edition do you have installed? eg GoG?