Export / Import Questions (Double PC!) (RESOLVED)

Hi All,

RESOLVED: OK, I traced it back to a roster issue. I had added the MainPC to the roster, which is then saved as a roster PC, so when I loaded the MainPC (that was also a roster PC), it added itself!

I don’t know much about exporting and importing PCs when it comes to it, so this is an enquiry for those that do know … My main question is to do with: Is it supposed to be possible to play as a MAIN PC a PC that was an exported COMPANION (or CREATED PC other than the Main PC)?

Because when I tried to reload a game that had been started using an exported non-Main PC from module 1 into module 2, this happened …

Basically, this is what happened to cause this double PC …

  1. Loaded module 1, and exported a created PC who was part of a party, but was NOT the Main PC.
  2. Started module 2 using this exported PC as my new Main PC.
  3. Saved the game and reloaded, and ended up with two PCs!


  1. One of the PCs cannot (on first testing) be possessed or used.
  2. Really interesting … Both PCs have a TAG! (Normally Main PCs do not have TAGs.)

On further testing, it does the same thing if I try it within the same module. i.e.
Try to play a module with an exported Created or Companion PC as my Main PC starting afresh, and reloading the saved game.

Any advice thanked in advance.