Export PC - Which PC's Are Possible? (Issue Solved!)

Hi All,

OK, this may be a strange question, but I ask it because I am trying to ensure v2.93 of The Scroll is as stable as possible.

While testing, I tried exporting a PC and I noticed a couple of things, which is what I am questioning …

If possessing the Main PC, the PC exported as expected. Next, however, I possessed each “companion/created PC” in turn and tried the same request. Most of the time, the request was ignored/failed (as expected I suppose), but one PC (which did not appear created any different from a couple of the others) managed to export!

i.e. It appeared as a saved PC in the local vault, even though it was NOT the main PC!

Now, for the background … My wife formed a party from each of her Main PCs created from previous saved games. However, only one of these PCs in the party (one she dismissed and then brought back into the party) allowed the additional Export operation.

I just found it curious and wondered if anybody knew more about how Export PC worked and what criteria it looks for or uses to determine if and when a PC in a party can be exported.

Thanks in advance, Lance.

What I find is that to export the companions you need to control them and “target” them. It’s always worked for me.

Hi Sawdust,

This may be my last post until Monday, so if you respond it may be a while until then I respond to you. :slight_smile:

So, are you saying that you can export any PC in your party to the local vault? I thought it would naturally be only the Main PC that we could export. i.e. The one we build to enter the game with to start with, rather than any we add via the roster or as mod built companions.

Thanks for now, Lance.

I have exported any companion that’s been made via the SOZ editor or the co_book mod. Just control and select the character and you should get it exported to local vault.


Hi Sawdust,

Interesting … I’ll have to look into this some more then.

EDIT: OK, After some testing, I have discovered that my XML and scripts are fine (as they work with the official SoZ campaign), but there is something different about the PCs that have been exported in tests of my wife’s save game. I’ll try starting a fresh game to see if that makes any difference.

EDIT 2: In further testing, I sorted a minor issue with an open GUI stopping export, but was still unable to to work out why some of my wife’s PCs could not be exported. I did, however, manage to export all PCs when starting a new game … which was good news. :slight_smile: I will keep searching to find out what may be causing the issues with my wife’s PCs.

EDIT 3: OK, I figured out what was causing the export to fail. As it currently stands, exporting fails if you “dismiss” a PC and invite them back again into your party. I don’t know if this is just the way it works generally, or is something that just my campaign does. I will look closer.

EDIT 4: OK, I believe my issue relates to the fact that I was removing a PC from the global roster with RemoveRosterMember, and then adding it back with the AddRosterMemberByCharacter function, which does not appear to “add” some of the same things that “RemoveRosterMember” removes!

i.e. There is something about RemoveRosterMember that when used, thereafter does not allow a companion to be exported again. I will try testing the add/remove scripts without employing the use of this function to see if it does anything detrimental with its exclusion. If all works, then I will not use it, so that Export PC works with “dismissed/rejoined” PCs as well.

EDIT 5: After searching the OC scripts for their usage of RemoveRosterMember, I find it not clearly used. Therefore, I am comfortable about removing my own usage that will fix the issue I am experiencing with exporting PCs, and consider the problem solved for now. However, I will keep an eye open if this should cause future problems by its omission.

Thanks Sawdust for the heads up and feedback that encouraged me to pursue this “issue”.

Cheers, Lance.