Extending Notepad++

If you happily just use npp for editing text you may be mostly unaware of all the extra functionality that is available for it via plugins. There are simply oodles of them. Now npp is supposed to ship with a number of them including the plugin manager. Unfortunately, it seems to have been missing in various releases just lately. Don’t worry, you can get the latest stable version from github. This little tool is really essential for managing all of your plugins and keeping them up to date. This plugin also gives you download access to all the available plugins without having to visit that web page I linked to earlier.

I was minded to get a plugin to autosave my work after we had a brief power-cut last night. But that’s not the only useful one I have installed. There’s the one that let’s me compare 2 files loaded into npp and a snippets tool as well. These are in addition to the spell checker etc. that do actually ship with npp. So check it out.


Thanks for this.

You can also update the Plugin Manager by selecting Plugins, Plugin Manager, Show Plugin Manager and then click the Updates tab. This allows you to update the Plugin Manager as well as any other plugins that have newer versions.

Note: When updating from early versions of the Plugin Manager, you may see a message that it was unable to validate the DLL. You can answer Yes and continue, after which there will be another Plugin Manager update.


Fancy Colors is a set of plugins that enhance nwn functionality in Notepad++ and other text editors. It’s posted in the nwn2 section but It’s for Notepad++

As shipped Fancy Colours doesn’t work with the current version of npp. What you have to do is to extract it to a temporary folder. Open npp. Open the Language menu. Scroll all the way to the bottom. Select Define your language. Click the Import… button. Navigate to


and select nwscript.xml. Follow any further instructions that the dialogue box gives you and ignore the other xml file.

When you close dialogue you should now have fancy colours working in npp. The only pain is that it is always at the bottom of the language menu.

At least, that is how I remember doing it. I did post about this on the older forums on here some time ago on this very subject.