Extra Primitives for Blender (in this post only)

As some of you know, I have a registered copy of MilkShape (no it’s not a pirate copy, I bought a license years ago). Switching to blender I noticed that while it has more base primitives than MilkShape, there is an add-on for ms that greatly expands the number it has. So I “ripped” them purely for my own use as I (slowly? I’m moving with all the speed of a ruptured slug going in reverse) start to learn Blender. Then I thought, “what’s the harm in sharing?”. What I have actually done is loaded each one (but not all of them) into ms and exported them as obj files (blender is a pain in that it won’t load FBX files made in ms). I then imported them into blender and saved them, in a separate folder, as blend files. I then saved them in a 7z archive. There are 33 extra primitives in total -

xtra_primitives.7z (282.3 KB)

Take a look. You may find you don’t need any of them but at just over a quarter of a meg download size, what have you got to loose. Any questions on them ask below.


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