ExtraA01 parts?

The stag beetle, black dragon, and cargo ship have a part with the suffix ‘ExtraA01’. These are extra parts that get attached to the main body model in the game. Does anybody know why these are separate parts? I don’t see separate animation files for them. There’s nothing in the appearances.2da file to indicate their function.

Ed.: I did find out that the extra part still shows up when you add an appearance, such as c_cargosh_CL_Body02.mdb.

Not sure why, I suppose it’s to allow some variety without having to create new models when only a small part is changed (for example, the blue dragon tail exists with or without bone plates). You’ll just need to add the ExtraA01 part to the initial mdb (if you need more, ExtraB01 will work too. I suppose the third one should be ExtraC01, but I never tried).

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I suppose that might explain it, although I only see one appearance for each of the models. Perhaps they were planning more? Thanks.

Okay I found one case where it is needed: when one of the parts uses transparency and the other doesn’t.