Eye of the beholder, Aielund saga and swordflight + MODS

Hi all, I would like to start the above modules on the latest version of NWN:EE.

Do you know if i can install also mods, in particular:

  • Beamdog HD pack
  • Dafena HD packs
  • Other textures mods
  • Inventory sorting mod
  • Tony K AI
  • Reborn UI
  • Community patch?

I am saying because i had the above mods installed, and when starting Eye of the Beholder, the faces of most characters are bugged. Removing all mods solved the problem. But i would like to improve at least the graphics a bit.

I am not sure which mods are compatible with the modules i would like to play.

Or are all the mods only meant to be played with OC, SoU and HotU?

Many thanks

If you aren’t experience in handling all the problems which occur, stand away from installing such a can of worms. There are at least 3 texture packs.

From all I’m hearing Tony K’s AI is good for the original OC (old NWN Diamond) but not for later versions an the community patch is created for the old NWN version as well.

You should install the add ons one by one and have a close look what happens after each step.

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If you are installing everything manually by copypasting into override folder you can find out some of the possible conflicts by seeing files being overwritten. Perhaps in case of heads you installled a texture and model of the head form two different sources.

TonyK’s A, the Community Patch and Dafena’s Fancy Map Tilesets have all caused issues in Swordflight. I do not know about the other mods you list.