Faction Change Script

I am looking for a script I can attach to a useable item that changes the targets faction to ‘Defender’. DMFI has this available as part of their DM UI, but I can’t find the script. I appreciate any help in advance!

Maybe something like this…If you mean that by activating the item, it should chang the target’s faction to Defender, that is:

//   How to use this script:
//   Item needs an item property that will cause a custom activation such as Cast Spell:Unique Power

void main()

   	//object oPC      = GetItemActivator();
    object oTarget  = GetItemActivatedTarget();


Not sure if this is for NWN1 or NWN2 though, so that would of course affect things.

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NWN2. This looks like casting straight from the activator spell, correct. I use that method for teleport scripts and such, but I usu use the activator script, to run the actual script for the process. Will try this (it is simpler), and let u know if it works. Thanx!

Worked. I keep forgetting that almost anything requiring targeting usu is done on the activation script. Thanks again!