Faction Pigs

Hi all,

do faction pigs count as group members? If I use a pig to call GroupAddFaction and then GroupOnDeathBeginConversation, will the function count the group as faction member/group member?

Yes, they do.

Interesting. Then we’d have to see to it that they’re also dead so that the GroupOnDeathBeginConversation fires?

To skip the pig when creating a group, use this instead of GroupAddFaction():

object oFactionPig = GetObjectByTag("pig_tag");
object oMember = GetFirstFactionMember(oFactionPig, FALSE);
while (GetIsObjectValid(oMember))
	if (oMember != oFactionPig)				// skip Pig
		GroupAddMember(sGroupName, oMember, TRUE);
	oMember = GetNextFactionMember(oFactionPig, FALSE);
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Thanks, nice workaround :slight_smile: .

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