Faerunian Deities Avatars and Statues

I was making an Eilistraee model to turn into an Eilistraee statue (below) and I though maybe I should make creature avatars and statues for as many humanoid faerunian deities (Gods, Demons and Heroes) as I can.

  • Is there a relatively official preferred reference for Faerunian deities that I should use? (some gods are currently dead or changed in 5th edition)
  • I am also accepting suggestions
  • and before anybody asks… yes I already have a Jarlaxle and an Artemis Entreri :smiley:


I also already have Meilikki… but I have to replace her stick with a proper bow


Great idea. I already built several temples for all your deities (see Rogues of Quinn 5). I would like to have Lliira (joy is all we need!). Aside of this there are Tyr, Helm, Mystra etc (The Ferûnian Pantheon has around 50 deities, not counting the deities for other races).

For starters, a good source of information seems to be NWN2. I made a book with some vital information (ingame item).

Please give me what you have (the two above alone woud make me happy). I’ll see to find a place for them, maybe create holy symbols etc.

Since NwN follows (mostly) 3rd edition D&D rules, I would ignore what happened in 4th and 5th edition rules (I do for Spelljammer anyway). For a list of Canon:List of core deities (3e) try the D&D wiki.


I will do these first @Mmat :smiley:
I have to make some changes for the ones above (Eilistraee should be some kind of obsidian rock, and I need to make Meilikki a bow). I will message you the files when I am done.

An alternative list can be found here, although it goes past 3rd ed it at least has Sharess. This is a list of Forgotten Realms deities.


For a list of Canon:List of core deities (3e)

This one seems to be completely different from everything I’ve seen so far. I would rather suggest to stay on the NWN / NWN2 settings. The alternative list (post 6) seems to be more suitable.

I have to make some changes for the ones above (Eilistraee should be some kind of obsidian rock, and I need to make Meilikki a bow). I will message you the files when I am done.

Yup. Eilistraee should have some drow-features, dark skin sounds good. According to NWN2, the favoured weapon of Milikki is a scimitar, but this is crap. Give her a bow …

  • I got 3 for you Meilikki Eilistraee and Lliira.
  • I made regular human size and 160% size

I am sending the files in a message.


@Mmat test if there are any issues. I’m doing females for now because I am trying to move the bellybutton from the torso into the pelvis texture. It looks successful based on Eilistraee. :smiley:

Wow, they are GREAT!

If you want more girls :-): There is Chauntea (actually not really a girl, I see her in a long dress) and of course the evil ones (Shar, Auril, Umberlee). And maybe Waukeen …

Hey, don’t forget everybodies (?) favourite cat-lady, Sharess… :smiley_cat:


Hello Stonehammer! I would love to get ahold of these too if possible :slight_smile:

I would also recommend Red Knight, and Solonor Thelindira… Garagos, oh, and there’s an elven aspect of Mielikki! Khalreshaar! Khalreshaar | Forgotten Realms Wiki | Fandom

While I do prefer 4E Bane well above any other edition, 5E sort of resets to status quo and does surprisingly bring back a few odd gods who 3E left off

Digging the statues incidentally Stonehammer. Wouldn’t say no to them being creature-fied

with the better looking animals challenge this is definitely happening.

Might take a while on the ladies in dresses. I have pretty much perfected the short skirt but I am rebuilding all the dresses. other ladies are coming.

adding them to the list.


I would like to suggest Corellon when you get around to doing male deities. Elves in modules everywhere have Corellon the same way that cats in modules everywhere have Sharess. I’ve seen him mentioned in modules that have a custom campaign setting complete with custom deities for humans, dwarves, halflings, gnomes… but there’s Corellon again being the elves #1 guy.

Also thanks in advance for putting Sharess on your to do list. I’ll make use of her when you release these. <3

Afaik there is already a Corellon (or similar elven deity) published by stonehammer one year ago. Wasn’t it in a CCC?

I don’t have any real need for Corellon as I’m not doing the city of elves and was just thinking, “That guy sure gets around a lot and should be added to the list if he’s not already there.”

Seemingly I like doing temples, such as these. Its fun!

Ilmater: Standard temple layout with benches, altar, lecturne and statue. Tapestries if available …


Shrine of Umberlee: sparse furnished and missing a statue. But has a nice saltwater well.

Helm (made the statue by myself):

Elistraee: Temple without any spider symbolism

Abandoned temple of some really sinister entity:

A crypt protected by Torm, who is standing there waving invitingly with his iron hand.

Temple of sune (statue and outfit of the priestesses by @Stonehammer)

Chauntea (still no statue)

And the latest: Mielikki

How is about creating an Umberlee statue in the shape of a mad looking meermaid?


Hello Stonehammer, I would also like to recommend Siamorphe, The Noble!