FaerzressSparkles' Screenshots


So far this is evolving to more likely start out as a sandbox server. Below are the areas that will initially be available since I can realistically finish these at some point now. The areas listed before the dash are the main outdoor areas. Areas in parenthesis are the interiors.

Northern Area List:

Neverwinter - Southeast (Blacksmith, Magic Shop, Inn, Sewers), Blacklake (Castle, 4-5x Estates, Sewers), Beggar’s Nest
Helm’s Hold - (Temple of Helm)
The High Road - Near NW (Goblin Cave), Further, Triboar Trail Crossroads, Near Sword Mountains
Plains - Plains 1, Plains 2, Plains 3
Mere of Dead Men - (Lizardman Cave, Sunken Crypt)
Sword Mountains - Foothills (8-9 Caves)
Neverwinter Wood - West (Ruins, Malarite Cave, Worg Den), Sharandar (Ruins, Cave)
Coastal Areas - Near NW (Coastal Cave, Ogre Mage Cave), Coast (Umberlee Cave)

Luskan - South (5x areas of Ruins of Illusk, 2x areas of the Sewers, The Cutlass, Suljak’s Lodge, Baram’s Palace, 5x Floors of the Host Tower of the Arcane), Mirabar District (Pirate Ship, 3x Warehouses)
Spine of the World - Mountain Trail


The Mere of Dead Men

The High Road - Triboar Trail Crossing


The Triboar Trail Crossing area is nearing completion.


Neverwinter’s makeover is coming along, the city should be playable within a couple of weeks. I have the Blacklake, Docks, and Beggar’s Nest districts completed layout-wise. I plan to do the district in the Northeastern part of the city as well at some point.