Fair dice

Fair Dice (Part 1) - Numberphile
Fair Dice (Part 2) - Numberphile


best part is where the guy after his whole elaborate explanation of the studying he did of the of the subject just goes “then we found out archimedes had been here before 2500 years ago”


Hey, the 1-sided die is fair too - the probability of rolling any side is always 1/n.

Yeah, it’s a Moebius strip.


way back in the 70s, before any dice other than 6-sided were readily available, our hundred-sided die was a wooden dowel cut into quarter-inch long chunks, with 1…100 written on them and all placed in a tupperware.

#92 was cut bigger than the others – in fact they were all just chopped up however – so whenever someone was making a roll everyone else was watching. “Hey, no groping!”

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