Fancy-Mapped Facelift Haks?

I’ve been browsing for fancy mapped versions of Biointerior, but can’t seem to find any. Do they exist?

Have not checked it out myself, but it is listed here: dafena’s fancy mapped tilesets | The Neverwinter Vault

Or are you specifically referring to Zwerkules facelift version of City Interior 1 (with roofs and additional tiles)?

Yes, that’s why I titled it as Facelift haks. The ones in Dafena’s compilation are based on the official, Bioware tilesets, but I was looking for Zwerk’s version.

Is it in this lot - Neverwinter Nights facelift haks?


I don’t think it is. I checked them last night and saw no mention of normal, bump or fancy maps.Those are just the diffuse maps, the normal textures. That’s why I was asking if anyone knew if there were any made for them afterwards.

In that case I wonder if @Zwerkules has actually done a fancy mapped version of the city interior tilesets. Did you actually look at the graphics files in the haks? I haven’t done those because they probably use texture maps (i.e. combined textures in a single graphics file) which makes normal mapping more difficult unless you load each model into blender and use it’s fancy maps tools which is way above my paygrade :sunglasses:.


Same here! I was hoping to find them among Dafena’s packs, but no.