Fancy Mapped Graphics Library - Final Update

With the Floor Tiles Kit, I have now uploaded all the textures from this source that I intend to. AFAIK there is just one texture that I haven’t uploaded and I simply can’t see a use for it and I’m not sure it would work with NwN EE anyway.

Note you may notice that quite a few of the textures only have diffuse and normal maps. It might be an idea to use something like the add-in filter “InsaneBump” for gimp on a copy of the diffuse texture in order to see if you can create specular and other maps. I didn’t do this as A. I do have a life and B. The library was a big enough upload as it is.


Small update. Added a couple more 4k textures.


Just added 2 textures (actually 1 texture and 5 decals) that I don’t think are any use for NwN but that clears all the texture.

Also add 60 untextured rock models in fbx format from the same source. Should be good practice for using the various rock textures in the main library.

FWIW I double checked that Blender appears to have an *.fbx importer built in. In so doing I also found my version was out of date and that the current version is 2.91.0.