Fantasy General - Free GOG Code (1 only)

Anyone want a GOG code for Fantasy General? I have one that I don’t need. First reply in here gets the code. Merry Christmas.



What! No reply to the generous TR offer ? Bump for fun…

{Wave hands} :mage: This is not your First reply… I repeat: {insidious mind effect with no saving throw allowed}THIS is NOT your FIRST reply… This CaveGnome is not… Empty voice reverberates and text blinks and fades away… This nor is a pipe, a reply not anymore. You must giveth the prized code to thy next message… Next will be first, and first will be real… real prized.

Happy New Year everyone !!! :partying_face:


Tough, code is on its way…

Now it’s your problem…

[evil feline chckle] Nice one boss…


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I was tempted, but if I don’t get some actual work done around here my wife will kill me.
-So many games, So little time.-

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FYI: Fantasy General works great on a tablet/phone via dosbox. It is what mobile games should have been, before someone invented microtransactions and social buttons and all that crap.

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