“Farnum's House" from Diablo (1996) (For NWN:EE)

Farnum’s House in Tristram. Used Substance Painter to give it a more realistic look, with multi colored stones, moss, and rain leakage. Will see if I can do more work on the roof as well as the interior floors. There is some rain drops inside the house as well, and leaking rain water on the interior walls. Perfectly scaled and optimized for use in Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. I realized that if I baked a UV Normal out of Substance Painter from the materials being applied and using their Normals, I could re-import that UV Normal, and completely revamp how the baking process worked so it was easier to create more realistic details, such as moss on and between the stones, and giving my AO Bakes way more definition when applied over the main diffuse texture UV map. I also fully utilized Tri-Planer projection for the walls, so the stones evenly and realistically curl around the corners of the entire house properly. Same with the roof and the straw. I will use this look for all of the houses, inn, and blacksmith shop as well as the Cathedral. Be on the lookout for updated versions of the models presented here in this forum, and updated videos to reflect the changes in real time.