Favorite NWN2 configuration

I have been playing NWN2 for about three years now. It has developed over time to something far more sophisticated than the original GoG Complete installation. I have found certain mods that I just would not want to play without. I tried the Kaedrin PRC pack recently but it conflicted too much with my favorite mods so I had to remove it. This is what I currently prefer:

OC Makeover SOZ
The Complete Craftsman 2.05
Tony’s Companion AI 2.2
KevL’s Artisan
Difficulty Modifier Module
AnimalSib (of course)
Random Loot Generator
Xaltar’s Heads
Krighaur’s Hair
Aleanne’s Clothing
United Colors

I did import some of Kaedrin’s races (got to test them) and did a few racial modifications of my own. I have a peculiar hatred of level adjustment, to the point that I will not play any character with a level adjustment of more than one (still annoying). So I modified Yuanti and Drow so that I would be inclined to use them. The Half -Elf and Half-Drow seemed too human to me so I modified their abilities to make them seem more “in between”. Until then I never bothered with them.



so … for those who don’t know yet … RacialSubtypes.2da col “ECL”

change them all to “0”

I’m of the opinion that races with an ECL should be getting compensatory benefits at levels higher than one. I.e. racial feats that balance out the ECL cost at higher levels. Not sure how that would be implemented in NWN2 though.

Had to modify to include United Colors. It was nice to give a Drow chocolate colored skin rather than charcoal-gray.

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Before Kaedrin stopped working on NWN2, he posted on his blog about removing ECL by modifying all the races.