Feat Limits

Is this the right forum/section?

Anyway, I’m developing my own spellcasting system for new spellcasting classes. I’ve got it pretty much working how I want it but I have hit a snag. Once a player has too many action feats they can’t open their radial wheel or character sheet without crashing the game. I’m wondering if there’s a known limitation or if it’s just me. It seems like the limit is around 16.

If it is a known limitation, what’s a good workaround?

I’m not sure whether this helps, but it is possible to create submenus, as described here.

If this works this will be awesome and save me from my original workaround plan which was to make the spells replace each other when learning better ones to keep the player from learning too many feats.

So, it works but it has it’s own set of limitations. Feats/Spells given this way are given as a group, so when you learn this feat you get all of the spells at once. And, they all share uses with the master feat. So, while this does theoretically allow a player to know more usable feats, they learn them all at once and they share uses.

So, characters that level with this idea will have access to more spells overall than characters who choose individual spells. However, the other way gives the player more interaction with the leveling process, allowing them to select individual spells to learn.

This isn’t working as intended, or I’m not doing it right. The spell cast is always the first subspell no matter how it’s selected in the subradial.

UPDATE: I got it to work, but it’s a lot of work, lol. You need to
65536 * SpellID + FeatID = FeatID on each spell. I suppose this means you also need to make duplicate spell entries for each spell you want to add to a subradial.