Feat & Spell Icons -- Where to View?

Does anyone know of a viewer and/or index where one can view all of the spell/feat icons? and maybe their resref strings, too? I can’t seem to find a utility that does this.

NWN Explorer - virusman/nwnexplorer: NWN Explorer and nwntools sources. Updated for NWN:EE (github.com)

Latest release is 1.8.3. - link on the right

The icon files are scattered throughout the BIF files. Some are in GUI, others in XP2Patch, etc.

Thanks, @Pstemarie, I already use NWN Explorer, I meant a way to actually see the icons – a visual library, if you will, of all of the icons.

Oic what you mean - sort of like a picture encyclopedia. The game manuals have the spell icons in the back - name/picture - but no feats. Unfortunately, that won’t give you the tga name (assuming that’s what you meant by resref strings).

Yes, that’s basically what I meant. A visual reference to all of the feat/spell/skill/ability icons packaged in the game along with their tga reference (which could still be found in the 2da’s, but a chore). I just thought we would have had something like that after a score of years since game release.

So something like this?



Have you tried NwN1 Standard Assets. It’s only 1.69/Diamond though. Also don’t forget that some icons plt files, not tga.


By the Gods but yes! That is exactly what I was looking for, thank you! “Ask and ye shall receive.” Perfect.