Feat system

Is there anywhere I can understand how it works?

I cannot take the feat Able Learner, isnt it supposed to be available any level to any class?

But I cannot take it at char level 2??

I override the cls_bfeat_shadow to give 2 bonus feat at every level until 10. So why I cannot use those 2 points on any feat? There is nothing in the feat list to choose.

It should be possible to choose feats that have no preq, but nothing shows in the list.

Surely its not required to put general feats into a cls feat file… or cls bfeat file.

what is the class of your character? selecting a feat at second level sounds like a fighter, picking a bonus feat from a list of combat feats. you can choose from all the feats at every other level (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc.) normally.

sry, i think i read your post wrong. seams like you have a shdowdancer and edited the cls_bfeat.2da accordingly to grant you a bonus feat at every level. perhaps those 2das are hardcoded to only grant a defined subset of feats?

I agree with Semper. But I’ve no idea about the override you installed.

Bonus feats select from a class specific subset of feats, things like metamagic or cleric bonus feats. Able learner is likely not on the bfeat list for the class.

i think the feat has to be defined in cls_feat* and given a “List” value of 1 or 2, and “GrantedOnLevel” of whatever

and cls_bfeat* defines what level(s) bonusfeats get granted at

That is, if cls_bfeat says ‘grant the guy some bonusfeats at this level’ and cls_feat says that a feat is available at or lower than the character’s current level …

/ tinkering req’d


I just figured out the above after mucking around with some of the 2da files.

Unlike NWN1, you can leave feat pts unused, but will not carry over. Like you have 2 feat pts and do not use, you will not have them at the next levelup. NWN1 requires all feat pts to be spent.

Skill pt carryover is lowered to 5. NWN1 allowed infinite carryovers.