Feats.2da Entries

Greetings Vault community, I had a question regarding entries in the feats.2da. I am trying to find the source for the descriptions for colums labeled “Feat” and “Description”. I thought they were in the standard tlk but I can’t seem to locate it. For instance, WeapFoc ShortSword has 1836 for it’s Feat column, and 436 for Description. If these aren’t references to the tlk, I can only assume they point to another 2da. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, and Cheers!

They are references to the standard tlk file (dialog.tlk).

1836 = Weapon Focus (short sword)
436 = Type of Feat: General

For EE, the English language version is held in the following folder:

C:\Users…\Beamdog Library\00785\lang\en\data

Hmm, maybe that’s the problem. The only tlk’s in my 785 folder are a dla.tlk, and dla.bio.tlk. What happened to the standard one?

Ohp, you ninja’ed me! I found it, thank you, Proleric! Why on earth would they bury that there?