Fighting against your own character from save games

Is there any way to test and fight my own characters from the local vault? I have finished multiple times OC and then I exported my character on the end of the campaign. And now I would like to test my finished PC characters 1vs1 or just to watch them fighting each other as AI. Also would like to do the same with henchmens. I tried to use Leto but when I convert PC to NPC and export to toolset it doesn’t have any items and he is always naked no matter what.

Are there any arena module where you can ‘‘register’’ characters and then as DM summon them later? Or is it possible as a DM to create an in-game custom enemy with desired stats/items and so on? Any ideas appreciated.

With the NWNX plugins, you can alter a lot more of a character or monster than you could in the base game. I’m thinking with a blank base model monster you could use the copy all the stats, feats and gear from your character and apply them to the model.

I’ve tried the basic CopyObject() before on a PC and though it does copy everything, there is no AI applied to it.

How to use this function CopyObject() and where? At toolset or during the game through the console command?

CopyObject() is NWScript. You have to write and compile a script in the toolset. One way to execute it in game is the debug command dm_runscript.

Pretty much as Karma says, you get an NPC which is an exact copy of the PC at that time, right down to which items are equipped and in inventory, but it only has standard NPC AI, NPC movement rate, and so on.

Having the PC fight themselves is a commonplace trope in modules (I’m guilty of that one, too) but the real PC almost always wins because they can make more intelligent use of inventory etc.