Figuring out the Enhanced Magic System

The Enhanced Magic System (EMS) on the vault comes with partial documentation in the EMS_Changes.txt file. However, playing through a module that uses the EMS, you quickly find that documentation covers very little of the wide scope of the subtle changes the author made. Unfortunately, the EMS packages I’ve found also do not come with the source files (NSS) for the script. However, the author did state:

DS - atm you have 2 choices: BW’s stuff, which doesn’t work at all on PW’s and has literally hundreds of bugs; or EMS which frankly rocks on PW’s, fixes all those bugs, has been through 6 months or real live balancing, and which I’ve already said will go open source as soon as BW stop wrecking core pieces of the engine so frequently and I can actually publish a stable version. Up to you. :slight_smile:

So, did he ever release the source? Or does a more comprehensive documentation exist for the EMS?

At the moment, I am trying to decompile the scripts (nwnnsscomp -d) and then read the bytecode, but I’m finding that my fallibility causes this to progress very slowly.

No, he never did. He looked at all the swearing in the source and thought “ugh, I guess I really need to censor all this stuff”, and then Real Life got in the way and he never found time for it. (The actual code doesn’t need any cleanups, but there are a few too many 3am “what @#$%ing idiot wrote this?!” comments and suchlike in there).

That aside, AFAIK the changelog covers absolutely every change, no matter how trivial, so I’m surprised you feel there’s anything missing. (Unless you’re talking about stuff so old that it’s actually in the initial documentation (EMS_Guide.txt, in /scriptsrc). Can you give me an example of something you think isn’t in there?

I do still plan on releasing the source - I even spent a bit of time on it a year or so ago when I got NWN EE - I just haven’t found the time to actually do so. (Or to visit the site, apparently, since I’ve got PMs from 2 years ago that I’ve never read…)

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