File Hosting For Web Downloads

Hi All,

In case there is an expert regarding this sort of thing here …

I have some old (NWN and PnP) zipped files that I wanted to upload and have a web link allow to download them if people wanted to. E.g. Zip a pdf file, upload to Dropbox (for example) and then have a link from my Wix website linking to that zipped pdf file I have uploaded for people to download and read offline at their own leisure.

I had done this a while back, but for some reason, I seem unable to do this lately. For instance, I have one such zipped file, which is available for download from my blog page, but when I try to add the same link to my Wix webpage, it fails to allow the Direct Download button to work.

All files links that once worked from the Wix website now fail to work with any Direct Download button after being redirected to the hosting site. I even tried adding fresh Dropbox links, but they all fail to allow the Direct Download buttons to work.

Bottom line, have things changed (in general) so that we can no longer add “available for all to see” files to our hosting areas to be able to attach links to?

And, does anyone have a workaround for such if this is the case? i.e. Does anyone else have files stored on a host site (like Dropbox), which they can then add permanent links in their website to allow downloads?

I did find an “app” that looked as though I could “sign in” via the app that could be attached to the Wix website, but I did not want to leave an app that would seem to be always logged into the account to “allow” such downloads.

Is achieving such a task that hard nowadays?

Thanks in advance.

Did you see this article on the wix help centre?

Just a thought - Have you considered adding those files to here as well? I’m sure there’d be interest. If the individual zip files (why not 7zip, they’re usually smaller) are 4 meg (in fact the size limit is greater than that in pm’s but not sure what it is) or less you can drag and drop them into a post in these threads where people can directly download them.


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Thanks for the info - yes, that does look like my only option that may work. I was hoping I could avoid sending my Dropbox login data to my Wix website. However, that may be my only option. :frowning: Once upon a time, I could simply add the link and it would allow a download. Now, no matter what link I try to add, it either wants my login info or limits me to 20MB maximum file space.

I am using 7z nowadays to zip the files. (I just converted a load from older formats.) Some of them zip to around 6MB, because they contain some screenshots of the gameplay. Thanks for the thought about that though. :slight_smile:

I’ll look at adding the Dropbox app again then, and see how that goes. And I will update my other post if I get it working. :+1:

Try pCloud, best cloud provider on the market which only limits is your internet connection.
They have public folders where you can upload and share the link for others to download.

Also whoever wants to DL your files from pCloud does not need to have an account to do so.

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That was the exact service I did try to use as an alternative, but, unfortunately, the link to the direct download was still “disabled” somehow. i.e. The webpage navigated to the correct server webpage (just like it did with Dropbox, and One Drive, which I also tested), but clicking on the Direct Download did absolutely nothing.

And yet, from my Blog page, the same One Drive link allows an instant download of a file. So, I suspect there is some weird stuff going on with the Wix setup, and them trying to get you to use their hosting (at a price).

Again, thanks or the suggestion - at least I do have yet another “free” backup service, with a generous allowance. :wink: