File request (Kaedrin 1.41.4)

I did notice any specific file request subforum so I am posting this here.

Could some upload or send me old version of Kaedrin’s PRC pack with scripts. I have not been able to find it anywhere anymore (I know the drama behind it so no wonder).

Also, if someone happens to have missing scripts to Reeron’s Spell fixes and improvements (missing includes and some spells) I would be very happy to have to those too.

Kaedrin’s PrC Pack v.1.41.4:
(thanks to @kevL_s, who provided that link to me a long time ago).


Thank you very much!

I actually saw that old forum discussion earlier but there was no link to the file as kevL sent it to you by PM. So when I made this topic I thought that there is a good chance either of you will respond and I was right :grin:

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