Filtering Module section by having an MOD file available

Its a bit confusing to have things posted in the modules section that aren’t actual ERF modules hence unplayable. For instance many PW’s are posting their hak pack sets in the modules section and don’t have ERF’s available.

It might be a good idea to add a sub-section to the ‘modules’ area for PW hak packs so that when searching through the modules area we can actually find and easily identify content that can actually be hosted or played without connecting to someone elses multiplayer servers.

This was a standard on the nwvault on IGN back in the day as there was a separate area for hak paks that were server specific and a listing area for PW advertisement that could link to their hak pack lists.

Currently without individually clicking and reviewing the available downloads (many of which are zipped) you cannot necessarily determine if content available for download can even be played locally or self-hosted.