Finding the associated .tga for visual effect fx_map_unique.sef

Hoi chummers,

this is likely a very odd question but I hope you can help me here. I am currently modifying visuals for overland encounters so that for example elementals which have a visual effect on their own (which collide with additional visual effect of an overland encounter), can be properly indicated as neutral, unique or hostile encounter.

All the effects (fx_map_hostile.sef, fx_map_unique.sef, fx_map_neutral.sef and their _ spawn _ counterparts) are located in DATA/NWN2_VFX_X2/FX_Ambient. Yet, I can only find the .tga images (which are projected on the ground beneath the creature) for the neutral and hostile visual effects (red and white/green)! I have searched the game files long and wide (DATA and CAMPAIGN/X2) but it is impossible to find the fx_map_unique.tga even though the reference works in the visual effects editor and ingame, obviously.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated. I must be overlooking something for sure.


you need this file (fx_map_unique.tga )?
for strange reason i can’t add tga file here
herefx_map_unique.7z (36.6 KB)

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That is exactly what I needed, many thanks lord_XD!

I am still wondering where was it located?

Hi SeriousSams
files was located in folder NWN2_Materials_X2

if you want to create mods
1 ) you can take all the archives of the game(copy)
which are located at
example E:\NWN2 Complete\Data
2 )and create a folder on your drive by naming it Data open
3 )and paste all archives to folder Data open
4 )extract pasted archives
5)now you can learn what inside zip

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