Fix for a door bug in EE 1.80

This is specifically for generic door type 18 Area Transition (No Visible Door).

In EE 1.80, if the door is placed in a normal doorway, it still works, but if the door is placed against a wall (or whatever) as a secret passage, it may work intermittently or fail altogether. Of course, the latter is rarely used, but, where it is, the module can be broken.

One fix is to move the door away from the wall by 0.1 m or so. However, that’s not really an option for older modules.

A better temporary solution is to reinstate tn_gdoor_08.mdl and .pwk from 1.69 in the EE override folder.

This works for all instances I’ve found so far.

P.S. Can anyone summarise for me the known door and secret door issues found in EE so far? Preferably with solutions, rather than just the module name. It might be worth developing a generic patch for older modules.


Many thanks for this advice. For the uninitiated, or me, where do I find these two files so I can place them in the EE override folder?

Assuming you have 1.69,

NWN Explorer > 1.69 Patch Data > Models and > Models, Walkmesh, Door

I will post a patch, probably later today.

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Julius Borisov has responded on behalf of Beamdog

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I am running this build, but have not played the Mod that gave me the secret door problems again so I don’t know whether the issue is fixed or not.

Many thanks for the info and help - very much appreciated.

It’s fixed in .10. My bug module I sent Beamdog works now with the issue Proleric explained.


The fix isn’t 100%.

.11 has fixed the first example I submitted, however I found another where the door works intermittently (so not a showstopper) which I have forwarded to Beamdog.

I’m feeling sad because this option NEVER occurred to me or I never realized this is what many do for secret doors. And now I’m excited to go and play with it in the toolset…

The problem is so persistent that I’ve posted a fix.

This has two options:

  1. A script that will jump to the destination of any transition door

  2. The 1.69 model for No Invisible Door

Option 1 won’t work for doors with no destination, nor will it fire the OnTransitionClick script.

Is the problem here only that the door can’t be on a wall? What more do we know, or where can I learn more? I was planning on using secret doors liberally, and I’d rather not have to wait on a bug fix for this one.

The problem seems to be with doors placed on a wall, treeline, cliff or similar barrier.

What you can do in 1.80 is place the door, then move it slightly away from the wall until the transition works reliably. We’re probably talking 0.1m or less. That will work forever (unless Beamdog tweak the model again).

It’s only a problem for older models because no one is around to do all those 0.1m tweaks.

Beamdog has recently mentioned that they’re working on a better fix for old modules.

Yeah, I saw your update to the workaround you had posted. Fingers crossed.

Yes, Beamdog seem to have fixed the problem in the 1.80 stable version .13.