Fixes for Hordes of the Underdark?

I had some problems with the base game so I was wondering if people know if the Enhanced Edition fixes the bug which allows Evil characters to consume the souls of their henchmen without losing them in the process (apart from Aribeth)?

Other than that I noticed that I cannot summon the genie after chapter 1 similar to how the starter item from Shadows of Undrendtide ceases to work after its first chapter.

This is basically to determine if the Enhanced Edition is worth buying for me.

NWN:EE is focusing on engine issues now. Only engine bugs and improvements has been adressed so far and while BeamDog stated they want to adress content issues like this, I wouldn’t expect any such fixes in near future.

However, community is more than willing to fix issues like this, I particullary (as a founder of community patch). If you could provide me more details, maybe also savegame I will be able to fix it.

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The first thing I described is basically when you are about to return to Waterdeep and you can speak to your companions.

An Evil-aligned character who owns the True Name of a companion can sacrifice the henchman for a temporary boost. The descriptions make this clear, though only Aribeth will become frozen (as she was when you first find her). The descriptions for the other henchmen seem to indicate some sort of destruction.

I went into a saved game of mine just now and the Djinni Bottle worked fine so I don’t know what caused the problem before. Where might be the correct place to notify you if I were to encounter this problem again?

The starter item from Shadows of Undrentide can be found in the chest from your room and is different depending on your starting class. It gives a small skill boost (Barbarian=Taunt, Bard=Perform, Cleric=Heal, Druid=Animal Empathy, Fighter=Discipline, Monk=Tumble, Paladin=Persuade, Ranger=Spot, Rogue=Listen, Sorcerer=Spellcraft, Wizard=Concentration) but it ceases to function after the first chapter. I think that this has got more to do with the special power not having a code to draw from similar to how the Demonic Grappling Hand only works in Horde of the Underdark’s Chapter 3. (That is why I suspected something similar for the Djinni Bottle.)

In truth, the boost is very minute but I’d be lying if I said that I wouldn’t rather have the item be stolen or be part of the actual story to negate its magical properties if it doesn’t work anymore. Given that part of the purpose of the item is to relay backstory, it might even be more suited as a sort of “Starter Feat” if BeamDog ever decides to rework it.

There is one more thing that I did not mention before but I’ll bring up given that you said that you wanted to look into these things. If you approach the mayor of Hilltop on behalf of the Red Wizard and, if you are a spellcaster with access to the Charm spell, the dialogue will seemingly break in my experience. At the time I figured that maybe the Half-Elf assistant had higher saving rolls against my character’s magic, but maybe it is bug and there is something wrong with the code?

Thank you for your time.

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I will need a savegame before the issue happens with steps how to reproduce it and what do you think is expected result, I am sorry but “at start near Red Wizard tower” says nothing to me and it would take me quite a time to look for it…