Fixing Transitions that don't work in EE

I have just abandoned Chaos War Saga - Chapter 1 - Dungeon of Despair because the transition areas just don’t show up in the Enhanced Edition.

Is there a simple way I can fix this using the Toolset. I don’t know anything about Mod building, but I can follow simple instructions :slight_smile:

The transition areas do not show as clickable. They are defined as Triggers with these key properties…

Name: New Area Transition.
Trigger Type: Area Transition.
Destination Tag: These seem to be valid and point to a Trigger in another area.
Destination Type: Door.

Any help and guidance will be very welcome.

The error in EE is they only allow the target to be a door or a waypoint.

To fix it put a new waypoint in and target that with the area transition.

If memory serves, it should be possible to write a general script to fix this issue in any module, by finding all such transitions and redirecting them to newly-created waypoints at the target using Get/SetTransitionTarget().

This was discussed before, but sadly no one had time to do it.

Many thanks for your response - very helpful.

Is there an easy way to make the waypoint the same as the trigger (in terms of size and location)?

Probably beyond me.

Out of interest, is this something you see happening at run time or some script you run in the toolset?

You just choose the first point drawn on the waypoint. Tbh if you’re editing it by hand in the module itself just put a waypoint in an appropriate locations near or on the destination trigger.

Many thanks for your help. I just had a brief look at what it might entail and it looks daunting.

Is it possible to do something using the OnClick or OnEnter scripts? If I can use a general script that is able to retrieve the properties of the Trigger that invokes it, it might be possible to transfer the player to the defined Trigger Destination Tag.

Of course, I have no idea if this is possible, let alone whether I can cobble something together, but I thought it was worth asking the question.

The scripts won’t fire if the trigger doesn’t appear alas. Probably is a toolset only thing.

The player would run this NWScript in game, once per module, at the first opportunity, then save.

EDIT - Jasperre wrote a script in the earlier discussion but it seems like @Mmat found that the destination data didn’t behave as expected.

Yeah the data is “dropped” basically on load of the module so it’s not available for scripts later.

It’s been discussed on Discord and a fix may appear in the next NWN:EE patch but no promises! :slight_smile: (it’ll not assume a waypoint or door, but do them in order then fall back to any object as a destination).

Sadly whatever Beamdog did, broke a lot of older modules. I reported this here.


Shall I Fix it? Is the mod interesting enough for the effort?

Here’s one thing to consider - Not all broken modules/transitions are BD’s fault. @Nails is on 1.69/Diamond and has found plenty of them. Being a mod means I read all NwN posts on a mods project page and there are plenty of reports by users of 1.69/Diamond that mention broken transitions too.


The mod has its moments, but I can’t say its a stellar mod. It would be nice to try out the game, but whether you are prepared to spend the time is your decision.

Many thanks for the offer - really appreciated.

Here’s one thing to consider - Not all broken modules/transitions are BD’s fault

That’s probably right. But is there any report that the mod “Chaos War Saga - Chapter 1 - Dungeon of Despair” is affected from other transition-problems than the typical BD one?

Well, I’ll analyse and estimate the effort. It’s probably not that easy as with “Calm before the storm.” I’m still optimizing my scripting …

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Yes transitions in modules may be broken in 1.69 (ie the tagged destination got removed or renamed) however the EE issue is that the transitions disappear and can’t be clicked on at all and the info is lost when it used to appear fine in 1.69.

In EE you only get it to appear with a custom script in the slot or a waypoint or door destination is set.

However the toolset (still!) allows any tag to be entered which could be a trigger, a placeable or even technically a creature. The toolset doesn’t validate it fully.

This it’s behaviour which while not optimal is technically “valid”. This is usually what causes the transitions to break in EE and not appear.

Fixing them all by hand is whack a mole and won’t fix the original upload entries. You’d be there for years testing everything.

Hopefully the next patch fixes it and it can be put to rest.

Try this fix (see comments for instructions): (1.7 KB)

It repaired a shed load of transitions in that module, and seems to work for other modules, too, though a thorough end-to-end run would be great if you can spare the time.

The improved method depends on the fact that the transition target information is still in the GFF data for the trigger if you convert the object to JSON with the extra data flag set.

Rather than create waypoints, I reset the transition target to the trigger, as before, in the hope that EE will move the player to exactly the same spot as 1.69 (though that remains to be seen).

There are some obvious rough edges which I will clean up for publication if the method proves sound.

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Many thanks for the fix. I should be able to give it a test tomorrow.

I just did a quick test. Started the game, ran the script, saved the game and exited. Then started and loaded the game and checked one of the portals that did not work before, and your magic has worked.

Brilliant stuff. Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort to do this. I, and I am sure many other players, are extremely grateful.

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