Floor-covering placeable rendering on top of additive TXI placeable


This is a barrier placeable with an additive arturo TXI (taken from the globe spell), reacting very very poorly to being used in conjunction with floor coverings. Depending on the camera position and angle, the floor covering placeable seems to get rendered on top of the barrier.

I think it’s happening when the camera is closer to the origin point of the floor covering than to that of the barrier, but it’s hard to tell.

Has anyone run into this? Was there a solution? I’ll be blindly running trial-and-error tests on it today; any clues that could narrow the search field would be much appreciated.

edit: It doesn’t happen when the floor covering placeable is set to static, but that’s of limited help. I’ve got temporary, player-placed floor covering placeables that need to be able to despawn again.