Flying Ideas

Thanks Meaglyn

Yup…just tried to load it…told me the same thing…missing .tlk

On the plus side, I’ll post it on the November 2012 CCC page as an addendum when we get a working version.


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I agree that the file I uploaded looks like it’s intact, but in testing this I found that what’s in the upload isn’t sufficient to load and use the demo mod. I’m adding the missing tlk and hak needed to load, edit and play it. I’ll upload that shortly.

It’s also missing some of what Imtherealthing wanted, which was a demo of the “flying item” capability. That’s still in the Sanctum 2 and can be reverse engineered from there, but I’d like to get it into the Flying System package as well. Once I’ve had time to do that, I’ll create a hak entry on the Vault for it.

Thanks bud :slight_smile:

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OK, here’s the upload. I’ve added the missing hak and tlk and tested that it can be edited and played in EE. Imtherealthing: if you’re unable to download it using the link, let me know and I’ll work out another way to get it to you.


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Tarot: you should be able to use the upload I just posted to my website.

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As I am the current caretaker of the ccc, I’d rather you pm’d me with a link and then I’ll add it as an addendum to the November 2012 CCC if that’s alright with you. Thanks.


That works and PC flies :smile_cat:


Dude…that is the absolute COOLEST thing!!!..thanks one thousand times over!!..Now I have got to figure out how to implement it into my module.

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Hey Andarian…I found this 2da in one of the haks (sfs01_edge) is this a unique 2da or do I need to add the lines to an existing 2da? If this hak has to be placed above the TNO tileset will it break anything? And the q_race.hak…will it be ok at the bottom of my haks because I have the fighting and other animations collections at the top of my hak list…will your race hak be ok at the bottom of my hak list?

Edit: Which tlk lines are adjusted? And which 2da lines are adjusted so I don’t miss any lines in your 2das. Sorry to ask so many things of you…I just want to make sure I can do this without screwing up…I’m average in skill sets when it comes to doing all this…this seems complicated.

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Those are good questions. I use the flying tileset along with TNO in Sanctum 3, so I know they coexist. Estelindis built the flying tileset using TNO as a base, so there are likely some overlaps. I’m pretty sure the flying haks go on top, but I’ll double-check.

I’m pretty sure the q_race hak is just there to provide the phenotypes for the flying transitions. The demo mod uses sanctum’s architecture, and Sanctum does this differently from CEP (the phenos are moved) because the mods combine CEP and Q. If you’ve already got the phenotypes worked out then you won’t need it. You’ll just need to edit the scripts to use CEP’s pheno enumerations.

Nearly everything in the .tlk will be irrelevant to making the system work in your mod; it’s just there so I didn’t have to rewrite the Sanctum implementation to make the demo work. I can go through the details with you later (I have to get back to work right now. :)).

And don’t worry – Some of it is complicated, but I’ll help you work through the details. It’ll be good to see someone else make use of what we built aside from Sanctum.

Thanks Andarian for all your efforts/replies and this VERY COOL stuff you made…sigh as soon as you said adjust scripts to accommodate my phenos I thought to myself…groan…I’m screwed as I am the worst at scripting…and I worry about breaking two things…the pheno set up I have already in my module and the tileset issues…I noticed you don’t seen to have made any module Event scripting changes (whew) at least they look like the normal module event scripts and soooo glad no tlk file entries are needing adjustment (well…perhaps the pheno stuff).

Don’t worry about that. Scripting is my forte, and I know where the changes would need to be made (and they’re minor), so I can make that part easy. :slight_smile:

Been thinking of a way to approach this so I won’t need to do anything except add the 2da lines. I was thinkin of just putting your TNO flying tileset at the top of my tileset haks (so long as that tileset 2da won’t break other tilesets and tileset model parts in other tilsets below it)

Then put your race and other haks at the bottom of hak order (Hmm…got already 50 haks…isn’t that the limit?).

Then the scripts and parts will all be called from those haks at the bottom…including using the animation part numbers of your phenos when it requires it to do so. So long as you have no module event script changes and tlk file changes it should work hypothetically right?


The easiest to test it then would be to somehow import your sample mod into my module as an erf then I could test if anything broke. EDIT: Don’t know how to turn your demo mod into an .erf to import. That would also require the scripts duplicating themselves when imported if you turn it into a .erf…right?

Does that sound like it could work?

I think that will actually end up making this much more complicated than it needs to be. In particular, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend adding the q_race hak in your mod. It provides a pheno mapping that likely contradicts the ones you’re already using, and they’ll clobber each other.

I can follow up later (still at work right now), but assuming you’re using CEP, the main thing you’ll need is an erf with all of the scripts source from the demo mod. I neglected to make one and can probably do that for you to import. The main change needed is to the script file sa2_inc_flyland. You’ll need to change this line near the top:

const int SA_FLYING_PHENO = 46;

You’ll want to replace “46” with whatever number CEP uses for the flying pheno (from memory I think it’s 16, but I can check).

Looking back on this now, I clearly didn’t structure the system to work well as a “drop in” for a less esoteric and more CEP-oriented module architecture than mine. I know how to fix that, though, and should be able to turn the package into something you can just add to your mod with minimal tweaks. That’s probably the easiest way to go, and I’d want to do that anyway.

Where is the flying pheno you’re using from? Are you using CEP?

Thanks – Andarian

Yup using the CEP flying…that would be great if you can turn this whole thing into an .erf. I would still need to put your tileset at the top of my tileset haks though. Thanks bud. Let me know when you do that. I can’t wait to use this system in my mod. :slight_smile:

Edit: Even if you turn this into an .erf…people would still need to make the 2da edits and add the tileset haks too.

Hi Andarian…just wondering if you are planning to make a package or is that on the back burner for now?

I started working on this, but it’s turning out to be a little more involved than I’d expected. With work and other commitments I’ll need a little time to get it working so that it’s more “drop-in friendly.” I’ll keep you posted on my progress, but it’ll probably take a week or two.

That’s just the flying pheno and scripting stuff, though. The tileset hak should work right out of the box.

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Thank bud :slight_smile: