Folder purposes

Looking at my old install (Platinum) vs the enhanced, I can figure out the purpose of some folders but not all. On enhanced, is “ovr” the override folder? I would assume so by that name. Where is the saved games? I admit I haven’t played it yet, just installed so maybe it doesn’t exist yet.

Bottom line: has anyone created a folder lexicon yet so we know for absolute sure where to put files when playing custom games?

Do not use those folders in the install folder. All user made stuff goes in the (at least in windows)

DriveLetter:\Users\Your user name\Documents\Neverwinter Nights folder. For example the
C:\Users\Fred\Documents\Neverwinter Nights folder. Putting stuff in the install folder can screw things up.


Start the Enhanced version so that it can create the default folders and settings.

You should see a Neverwinter Nights folder in your Documents directory. This is where you should place all your Mods, Haks and overrides, etc. The Enhanced Edition Library files should be left untouched.

The nwn.ini file (in Documents\Neverwinter Nights) can be modified to point to where you want saves to take place.

Okay I see it, with all the folder names I’m used to from the old version. Thanks guys.

Btw the ovr folder in game installation works too with some extra behavior (namely lowest priority) and it is what my community patch uses, however each time BeamDog makes a new patch, all custom files in this folder are purged which makes it quite bad place for user modifications.