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I have downloaded Witcher’s Food Icons and now have bunch of TGA Files and no idea where to put them, in order to make them useable in my module. Any advice would be massively appreciated. Thanks guys.

oooph… :dizzy_face:
such a simple question… such a complicated answer.

before getting into it, i couldn’t find these ‘witcher’s food icons’ on the vault, so assuming they’re elsewhere. could you provide a link ?

the procedure for doing what you want to do, summed up, is :

  1. note the size of the tga’s, in pixels.
  2. in the file baseitems.2da, find a suitable item w/corresponding dimensions. you can get the item dimensions by dividing the tga dimensions by 32. for example, if the food icon is 64x64, you’ll need items whose dimensions are 2x2. you’ll find the dimensions in the columns InvSlotWidth and InvSlotHeight.
  3. note down the entry in the column ItemClass in that same row.
  4. using an application such as the nwn explorer, search on the string you found in the item class with an additional ‘i’ prepended, and note the last one. depending on the item, you may have to do this for each and every release [oc, sou, hotu, hotu patch]. these should all be partially numeric entries.
  5. starting from one more than the last entry you found in step 4, rename all of your tga’s using the same format but new numbers, each incremented by one, as you saw in your explorer search.
  6. put your tga’s into a hak file.
  7. in your module, add the hak file to the module’s custom content properties.


here’s an example.
suppose your tga’s are 64x64 and you choose to add them to the baseitem type ‘miscellaneous medium’ [line 29 in baseitems.2da] since that item type has dimensions of 2x2. you note the item class is it_midmisc. w/the nwn explorer, you search through the existing nwn icons starting with iit_midmisc, you note that the highest one is iit_midmisc_165. you then rename your witcher tga’s consecutively, starting with iit_midmisc_166, then iit_midmisc_167, etc. once you’ve renamed them all, put them in a hak, add the hak to your module, and bob’s your uncle.

ps- you might want to consider posting future content like this in the ‘custom content’ forum.

You asked for links. Here are some:

great, thanks, @andgalf.

if the OP is referring to the nwn1 icons above, then all the real work has already been done. @adam.wiggie all you need to do is put them in a hak and add them to your mod. HOWEVER, be aware that this icon set overwrites the misc medium icons distributed in the 1.69 patch [a few large gemstones and blankets], so you won’t have access to those any longer if you use the custom food icons as-is.

i now realise i replied blithely assuming the OP was interested in nwn1… :flushed: if it’s nwn2, you can probably disregard everything i wrote. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, he doesn’t say if it’s for NWN1 or NWN2…

Hi! Thank you so much for answering. I am using NWN1. I will carefully go over your advice and try to follow the steps you’ve laid out. How do you put the items “into a hak?” As you can probably tell I am at the most basic level of experience with these terms and uses.

Also I have decided to use a different food icon mod that won’t overwrite existing Icons so I am using this one

New food icons | The Neverwinter Vault

Can I apply your steps to these files?

I use this tool (but I work with NWN2 only nowadays) for making hak paks:

It says in the description that this works for NWN1 too. Maybe try it out?

Bloody hell I think you might have done it!! Thanks that’s been a big help. Do I just put this in the hak subfolder now and import from the toolset?

Nevermind. I tried to import the ERF to my module and it said access denied for some reason.

Unpack the food icons file with 7zip, then you create a new hak pack with the packer, put the tga files there, save it as a .hak file, then put it in the hak folder (I think, at least that’s how it’s done in NWN2). Then you associate that hak file with your module in the toolset (again, that’s at least how it’s done in NWN2).

I don’t know which erf file you are talking about at the moment.

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hello again,

putting files into a hak is pretty easy in nwn1.
do you already have any files in your nwn hak folder ? if so, you can use this approach.

  1. use whatever navigator your o/s supports to navigate to your nwn install root, then to the /hak subfolder.
  2. pick any hak file and duplicate it, then rename it to something meaningful to you [like food.hak].
  3. in your nwn install folder, you’ll see a subfolder called utils. in that folder, you’ll see an application called nwhak.exe. double-click on it to fire it up.
  4. on the program’s File menu, choose Open.
  5. navigate to your nwn hak folder and select the hak file you just made [food.hak]. nwhak will list all the resource in the hak file. these are the resources put into the original hak you copied yours from. you want to delete them.
  6. highlight the first resource at the top of the list [single-click on it], then navigate to the end of the list. then, while holding down [shift], single-click on the last resource. all resources in the hak should now be highlighted.
  7. press the delete key. a dialog will ask you to confirm that you’re deleting all of the resources.
  8. once again in your explorer/finder/whatever, navigate to the folder where you stored your food icons. select all icon files in the folder and just drag/drop them into your hak file you have open in nwhak. you’ll see your icon resources listed.
  9. in the File menu again, select Save, then exit.

i noticed from the link you gave that the icons are for a non-existent baseitem… that means you’ll have to add the baseitem is_mdfood to your baseitems.2da somewhere as well.

EDIT - it was quicker to do it than to write all that stuff anyway…
here :
food.7z (221.5 KB)


nwhak also lets you open a new file…

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thanks for the tip. i took too much for granted. mine wasn’t working properly, i assumed it was a bug [it wasn’t, it was an issue w/my setup]. and now mine works too. :slight_smile: