For Convos and Scripts - Module vs Campaign, any difference?

Cool stuff. Very informative. I guess each way has its pros an cons and it depends on the campaign properties and personal preferences when it comes to picking a method. My campaign folder is 3.7gb so uploading the whole every time might be an issue :slight_smile:

Correction on my own post: Mine is around 1 GB uncompressed. Thankfully I have a reasonable upload so it only takes a few mins each time. :slightly_smiling_face: Therefore, I can see why you may use the hak route - Thatโ€™s a very big folder. How has it become so big?

I have around 0.5 GB in a hak - Have you not put anything in a hak yet? i.e. Most of the build related stuff goes into a hak (for me) as that remains untouched now I have it in place - whereas the campaign folder relates to all my own material and code.