Forcing druids to "go wolf"


As the topic says can you force a druid ( or a whole bunch of them ) to turn into a wolf in a conversation ?

Also what works out how mean the wolf is ? Is it the druid level or can you dire or worg them by changing something ?

Or is it easier to just destroy the druid and spawn in a big bad wolf instead ( I think I can handle that with a ga_destroy and ga_spawn while nobody’s looking in a cutscene ) ?

I think it should be possible through scripting with the polymorph stuff, but I’m not certain how good it works. I could maybe give it a go later tonight if I have the time.

andgalf… No need to go mad trying to make it happen, if it involves a whole heap of scripting then don’t worry about it.

I just wondered how it works and whether you can force the change when they go hostile, like by sticking something on the variables the same as putting a line on wizards so they only do spells.

As I said I think I can just wipe out the druid and replace him. Or let him run into a cave and change in there ( maybe he’s shy ).

And it’s done. :grinning:

I could have probably made this myself but I actually found most of this code in the NWN Script Archive. So I just copied and pasted and then added a few lines. No biggie. I don’t think the NPC has to be a druid for this to work by the way.

void main()

object oDruid = GetObjectByTag("druid");
effect eVis = EffectVisualEffect (VFX_FNF_SUMMON_UNDEAD);
effect eEffect = EffectPolymorph (POLYMORPH_TYPE_WOLF);
DelayCommand(0.2, ApplyEffectAtLocation (DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eVis, GetLocation(oDruid)));
DelayCommand(0.2, ApplyEffectToObject (DURATION_TYPE_PERMANENT, eEffect, oDruid));

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If you change them to hostile in the dialogue then you could do this script simultaneously, but if it has to be automatic when they go hostile, I think you ought to ask Lance, KevL_s, 4760 or travus, or someone like that, as I don’t quite know how that’s done.

andgalf… Awesome, thanks for that.

I’ll have to see if I can make the wolves nasty enough, I checked and you can polymorph into a winter wolf or dire wolf so maybe that’s changeable and it can be a custom wolf or worg.

I wonder if when polymorphing, if the characters have the same stats, just that they look like a wolf. I don’t really know how these things work, but it does seem like you really turn into a wolf with all the stats like a wolf, at least according to the lexicon:

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andgalf… Thanks for that it looks like I could make a big bad wolf and add it to the 2da I will experiment with it. The script is now saved and the only thing would be to add a line.

After I work out which bit goes where because 2da lines never line up and when you’re doing one at the bottom and have to keep going up it’s not very easy ( that’s being polite ).

Just looking at the 2da and you can become a super chicken !

You can force creatures including the player to have specific appearances. I did it in the Bedine campaign to give the player the wisp appearance at the beginning of the campaign.

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That’s why I usually copy the 2da (opened in a text editor - Notepad++ for me), paste it into Excel (which recognizes the tab character as a column separator), freeze the left column and top line and scroll down to the line I need to modify.
When done, I unfreeze the display (not sure it’s necessary, but you don’t want to take any risks, do you?), copy all and paste it to the 2da.

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or just use Yata

kamal… I like the idea of forcing creatures to look a certain way and I’m already thinking that’s going to save me with a problem I could have in the future.

4760… Thanks, I’d wondered how people like yourself that do so much custom stuff can deal with all that 2da without going crazy ! But I don’t think I’ve got Excel, I’ve just got a cheap and cheerful word.

kevL_s… Downloaded, tested and approved, thank you that’s just what I needed !

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