Formal PW Feedback from the Knights of Noromath

Over the years on the Knights of Noromath, we were lucky enough to have a ton of players come through. Some of those players took a couple minutes of their time to fill out a Google Form to give us an idea of what we were doing wrong, what was going right, and everything in between.

This thread is intended to provide for a few purposes. Mostly, I believe it can be a resource for new or existing Persistent World Owners to take notes from. At a distant second I think it can let people know that some good stuff went down on the original run of this server.

This thread is NOT intended to solicit additional feedback about the original run of KON, which ran from sometime in 2015 through 2021. Originally, there were just two DMs, myself DM Djinn and DM Spectre. After I stepped down from DMing on KON in June of 2020, the server ran for awhile longer and I was off doing a Roman Era thing. Then there were some additional DMs on staff before it was formally closed. OK. Onto the feedback.

A total of 81 players filled out this form between February of 2020 and May of 2021. The only edits I will make are to remove any possible reference to player identities and also clean up any inappropriate language.

Let’s show our player demographics. Players self-reported the following loosely defined time-zones.

At the time of their completing the form, the players indicated they had been playing a certain amount of time:

Then we asked them, how did the whole thing come across overall?

38 of the 81 respondents added an additional text note for their overall experience.

Fun while people are able to interact with

Its excellent with a bit of a learning curve, once you get the basics figured out you should be golden if your careful.

Great Roleplaying experience, steep learning curve, unforgiving consequences. Sometimes it is frustrating to be part of an event but being unable to affect the event and you get 0 xp from the fights only from the DM award at the end despite being in great danger.

Your DMs are {profanity}. They pretend to be welcoming when you first join but quickly turn into absolute controlling assholes and are REALLY rude. I like the server, but I fucking HATE your loser admins. Never playing on this waste of time again and im telling everyone to avoid it!

It is ok but kind of empty

I really enjoy it. Some things could be better, but overall it is great

One of the best decisions I have ever made

An amazing experience. As a labor of love you all deserve to feel extremely proud. I’m glad to share in it.

Great world story, take you right in to it, DM’s & Players are very friendly and helpful, Gives the feeling that this server have great potential for Role play PVP & PVE to any D&D lover.

very fun, has a lot of amazing characters, a lot of content, the DMs are really good and guide you along well, though i have a couple gripes they’re minor and can be fixed by players themselves rather than DMs.

Amazing. Its begun my lifelong involvement with D&D

I love it here and I’m hooked!

Evil and extremely fun intrigue. Don’t play to win play to have fun and enjoy others rp.

I love the immersion, and the mechanical systems to support roleplay. I love how it plays like pnp.

NATO bandito

it’s a good server overall but it’s a pretty steep grind for solo players who either don’t have a consistent schedule or play characters who don’t make a lot of friends.

Amazing, and it just keeps getting better

Most character development with the actually setting gets shit on (besides the odd Human knight here and there but still usually the same result)

Big fan!

Very good so far, with some kinks here and there. If I had one major complaint, it can feel as though there isn’t that much to do when there’s nobody else online.

KON is a place I’ve loved since 2015

It’s been great!

its been fun

Knights of Noromath has improved greatly in the last few months. I’ve been very pleased to engage in events, the systems, and the people. Very fun.

It was a hard learning curve, but now you will pry KoN from my cold dead hands

Amazing server, very true and exciting

Its a great server

I love the rp and the setting, also the political actions that all take place IG.

I love the module and the setting is great!

Pretty good. I love the enchantment and progression system.


Itsa frustrating special server for people who like a different kind of challenge, its more meaning ful because you can fail and you’re not guarenteed to make it to max level.

No real complaints, but dungeons could use some builder love. Players are good and welcoming, and staff is both present and willing to speak with newbies.

Enjoyable but can get slow due to lack of player to player interaction

{Player name} I like KoN a lot, it is the only server i played on that feels real and generates an experience that is worth being emotionally invested in, other servers have more “exciting” dungeon or more areas to explore, but the social intrigue and relationships across KoN is what makes it worth playing, very rarely do i sit around a. camp fire telling jokes or being bored. Now having become the maximum level i can achieve, i still find myself invested in the campaign, find things to do and want to build more. However i do have issues. The player base, especially around my time zones is abysmal, i find myself interacting with the same two or three players, unless i stay up till past midnight, this isn’t so bad except i feel at this point my character is just disappearing into a EU void. I’ve talked a lot with players who left, somehow i become the “talk to” person, and time and time again i try to remind people i am not an authority of any kind. and i tell them. “i don’t want to encourage you to play if you’re not having fun” i feel these players didn’t feel heard or appriciated and i do not know what to do with it. Here is a list of things that they’ve told me of their greiviences. “the DMs a purpose sabotaging and killing my character” this is to me untrue and simply a plyer not understanding that on KoN death happens, but i felt you should know why some players quit “the systems are not documented on the web page and its impossible to play” This specifically adresses that some classes are not documented fully, some spells (such as mage armor and premonition) are not documented on the spell changes page but hidden away on their own page, and encahntment properties are not listed, telling them that it is FOIG should not be my job, and should be written on the webpage, somewhere. “there is no guidance from the experienced players” (they seem to exclude me?) It is my belief that new players have issues with understanding that they are fully able to do anything on par with the experienced players and this freedom bothers them because they feel at an extreme disadvantage “the player president provided no meaningful guidance when i contacted her” this was a player that was annoyed with how a DM handled their character and they adressed our player president who said the DM was in the right. I don’t even think it is her job to solve players annoyance with DMs, more on that in the DM section. And her job as a Player president should be made clear to everyone, somehow one or two players have also raised the question of wether some characters are NPCs or PC such as the Baron Clance Snyder and the confusion bothers them. as they either feel decieved, or then discouraged because they are being tricked by a DM to think they are just dealing with a. PC, i myself have seen Observer-aaron log in as characters who sometimes log in as other player names. And i think this deception bothers some players. I myself do not know where or how to express when i get annoyed at a system or a DM, so here is my feedback form.

Server is generally pleasant to play on, with rare exceptions.

KoN is a great server, its has the history setting and stuff to be amazing but it’s near impossible to join or patriciapte in outside of being a month old US member

Excellent roleplaying and a very good core community. Much change in the playerbase in the time I’ve been here. Some challenges around timezones and events - the server seems very EST/CST, so given “after work” time windows to play, those 2-3 hours make a big difference in server population and events, leading to FOMO and some in-game repercussions to my character for the fact that his player (me) works and is on PST. The rebuild and de-powering of the server is ambitious and promising, and the interaction between the DMs and the Player Council seems to be healthy.

Then we asked, well, what was it like interacting with the DMs?

Now for the extra comments about interactions with DMs. 37 of 81 respondents gave us extra insight here.

Have been great, putting up with my tons of questions which I am sure annoys to no end

Been great, all questions answered.

Spectre was very personable and helpful with concerns, Djinn has been extremely fun to interact with and receive feedback from. They sometimes come across as cold when repeating server rules but I believe their intention is not to drive off new players with that, text just can lack emotional context.

THE WORST I have ever seen, the worst part of the server.

really rude

They answer my questions out of game but I have almost never interacted with them in game

Helpful and thorough when I ask questions that I should get answered ooc

You have been doing this a number of years so I’m sure with people coming and going there have been the same questions answered 100’s of times. I don’t know if you are aware that frustration comes out sometimes when someone new ask is geniunely trying to do thier due diligence to learn, and it feels like a mine field of ‘Is this a legitimate thing to ask or am I just annoying’ and that does make me cautious to reach out sometimes. I say that with a lot of appreciation for you both and what you give to this, not to hurt feelings but maybe see if you feel there could be any truth to that perspective. I have an idea about it coming up.

The Discord welcome to the game by DMs is a very nice thing to help new players feel that they can talk to somone as they step in the game

they listen very well, very understanding, and try to go for IG fun and sense most overall

Helpful and good at teaching

Interactions are great!

They have been responsive and entertaining to interact with.

I see them relatively little because of my playtime but get surprised sometimes. And the DMs do look for rp. Sometimes I’ll get random rp xp from a DM even if they’re just remotely viewing from work.

My feedback is below

Really nothing to complain about

Great interactions!

Interactions have been rare but mostly good!

Very good. I have no major complaints.

There is currently no place for high level players to get character progression on KON. It is more likely for a lvl 30 player to turn in their pc to be NPC’s than to actually allow them to play and contribute to the setting.

A bit slow, but it’s understandable with as much as they have going on, and irl stuff as well

a bit slow, but makes sense

Generally, they are very pleasant. If I had one complaint, the reference of old PCs played by DMs can sometimes feel overdone, but it’s not to any great detriment to the server or anything like that.

Super thoughtful DMs, engaged and committed (wow). Even and fair, they hold the line effectively.

They are supporting and clever writers

its been decent

excellant , there fair in all aspects of the game

Good and fair dms

I have had few interactions in total. Mind you, this is largely to blame on myself. I enjoy the grind, the dungeon clearing.The single time I’ve had “DM Spice” was when I OOCly was asked to save a dead pal. While I should’ve never done so, I did. For that I apologize. However, getting murdered by 20 Renegade Cowled Wizards dispelling and ice-storming me wasn’t so cool either. I spend a good deal of time on that char! My pal also quit. Sad.


excellent when i find them ig Super friendly, otherwise abit hard to get in contact with OOCly

I’m liking what I see so far, keep it up.

I love the dm team

It is Abundantly obvious to me that Blood Moon is spectre, it has been for good while, and other players have asked me directly wether Clance is a DM, and i honestly don’t know what to tell them. I don’t care if the DMs have PC, infact ina sense i like it because it marks them as “interactable” in a different sense than a fully fleshed NPC. but the deception is annoying and i know some players have basically become paranoid because of it, because whenever they interact witha new player this is a thought in your head. “is this a new palyer or is this a DM?” and i am starting to feel it too. Lord Gard Menon i thought was returning player, i didn’t really treat him differently, then i saw Observer-Aaron log in as him, and it felt decieved, tricked and i think it is to the detriment of the server when newer palyers feel this way. DM’s should be free to play as players and i think it would be genrally less to the detriment of the server if it was made transparent when a PC belongs to a DM instead of it becoming uncertain gossip among the player base. because i am sick and tired of having to say. “i don’t know and if i ddi i couldn’t tell you.” My interaction with is very plesant, however i feel the liens of communication are entirely one sided, especially outside of the game. Again i’ve basically given up on using discord to communicate with the DM team as i recieve no response to most messages. And in the back of my mind i expect Kobold to eventually set his discord to “do not disturb” and disappear as well. That said i do like the DMs when they respond or write me on discord, i’ve had a message floating to spectre for a month now about chaging the banner in northgate keep to kelemvors banner and it was entirely ignored, then i tried to make it a bug report, and it was delete with a message from DM archon “these kinds of changes should be send to a DM” so i am at a loss there. The DMs are good to communicate with, only i do not know what the approiate channel to communicate with them is. Writing them on discord seems to not work. In game is even worse. There is no way to tell if there is a DM online that i know of, sometimes they’ll be on the DM screen on discord and not be online, sometimes they wont be there and be online. Sending a message to the DM channel and then standing around staring at a wall is endlessly frustrating, hoping that maybe you were heard. Whenever i am heard the reponse is entirely IC and it can take anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 minutes, this inconsistency in reponse toa DM channels message is frustrating. I know DM’s have work, and lives to take care of. The websites methods for seeking attention, do not work for my hours. This had been fine up until a point, eventually these plots and missions i wish to undertake require DM assistance and i need to know, how i can recieve it, wether its a more meta version of scheduling these things, which as above mentioned i have no idea how to do either, or i simply have to accept my hours will screw me over. my frustration is not with HOW the DMs interact with me, it is that when they are busy, there is no indicator, and i simply stand there feelings my time is wasted. because i have no tool to know if my message was even heard. I want to reiterate i like KoN i enjoy my experiences here and i like the DM’s, and this feedback form only presents negatives because i want to highlight want i feel needs improvement, if possible, this is not an attack

Overall, it’s alright. I have occasionally bumped heads with a few, but that’s normal for any server.

Spectre seems too busy to DM? thats my impression atleast, his plot a fine his sotry telling is cool, and i get development is important Illithid is fun, cool uses alot of ambitious plots. Sometimes he messes up but owns up to it and makes the best of it. Archon is bad at everything he is the reason i am giving it a two when both the other dms are 7+ His story telling is terrible, he seems to use decade old stories to tell, and every plot point i’ve seen from him is not only unsatisfying but also predictable. I know alot of palyers who had their characters killed in his events, felt helpless an unable to do anything to change those choices, and decided to quit the server simply because Archon is aDM

Generally excellent, the DMs do their best. More openness in discussing the nature of the game they want to run (in #member-chat for example) and where they want the campaign to go would be helpful. Demystifying the DM-player interaction would strengthen, not weaken, the appeal of this server in my opinion: we are adults, intentionally suspending disbelief together, not playing a CRPG or MMO; a tight-knit community, shared understanding, and mutual trust are the core requirements for what are building together.

And the next to last question, because we have always been very ambitious about modding the game, what did they think of our systems?
Now there was some extra feedback about systems and server support. 36 players responded in this category.

It is okay but don’t have much experience and without a guide I was left trying to figure out basics on my own.

Very unique systems to me, and a very detailed setup designed to get you right into the mix.

I have not played NWN on a server seriously since college over 13 years ago but I was quite impressed with all the systems in place including languages, disguises, mounts, leadership feats, etc. Their custom prestiges and classes all add desirable flavor to the setting and make the campaign full of unique character ideas with the combine caster levels.

Half your shit is broken

cool I really like it but sometimes not working too good

it is improving and growing good to see a system not grow stale but rather evolve to the needs

They work quite well. I struggle to get around them but the more I play the more I know

The documentation and feedback messages ig are explicit and thorough. I would probably want to be able to exit the current loot system once it starts like I am able to exit resting.

I’m not a tech savvy person. I don’t always understand what is going on (it all looks like magic to me) but I love the custom options and classes you added and how deep one like myself can get into character in this world.

Feels like finally someone got it to work as it should be.

awesome, they worked really hard on this and it turned out really well, making well-polished loads of content and challenge.

Everything is documented and extremely helpful


Excellent. Keep peeling more and more layers and new systems implemented monthly so far.

God it’s the coolest. And its only improving.


It’s good so far, really enjoying the components system and the enchantment systems. Crafting seems like a pain in the ass when the things I need can be found in crates.

Awesome custom changes and constantly improving

Sometimes it can be confusing, but when it’s not, it can be very satisfying to interact with the systems.


Never played the base game

never played base game

Very good. Enchantment feels engaging and enjoyable despite the simplicity. Everything seems like it’s designed to reward persistence, and every step you take contributes to the overall campaign.

This is an amazing experience for a 20-year old game. New systems are new (like bathing… there are relatively few interactable baths compared to how many baths are rendered in the world). Most of these systems are FOIG, which is fine for the most part but adds to the learning curve (like guessing at gold and XP costs for magic items.

It’s very unique, lacking very little

uhh… never played anything else

good but I would like to add some special features to Cavalier. 1) i would like to see them be able to make there horses fast. 2) I would like to give them a special lance to help with abilities.

I would love to see Gem mining be added to the list of Proficiencies. You can use the gems to make wands, you could use the games to make ion stones, you could use different combination of gems to help boost wands and other things IG.

Awesome. Server is amazingly build. I love every single system. Serious, amazing job. And I can’t wait to see what systems are being cooked out rn.

Looove it

I feel that some more variety and room for experimentation could be used, but it’s servicable and player friendly as is.

Great and enjoyable but always can be more

they are great. I have never ever figured out how that goods trading things works, i am given a crate and it weighs a ton and i have no idea what to do with it, i think i can give it to someone? but they often go “nha fam we don’t want yo stuff.” it is confusing. Point capture is a bit weird, some points can only be captured once? other several times? and it gives me some weird weekly or monthly honor point that i have no idea what is used for? and i stopped caring about it, then i saw DM archon make some joke about how my epic char had no honor and i honestly don’t know if i’m supposed to take that system seriously? it is an absolute dicconect between mechanics and IG reputation of my char. i lvoe when random NPC express they know my chars reputation, but ihave no idea if the honor system is important. and if it is a FOIG to know wether a game mechanic is important ill return to ignoring it I don’t tihnk it has any influence? Crafting, enchanting, hunting is fun. Groves and capturing points is also kind of fun, even if confusing. death system is amazing, wheather is abit annoying, i forget all about it since i have constant freedom of movement and endure elemnts, but i know some newer players are very frustrated the endrance feat does not make them immune to wheather effects because it is unclear in what its bonus it. and i’ve had a few players tell me they felt tricked into takinga useless feat. The Landlord feat seems to me to also be a wasted feat, mechanically all it does is let me rent a building sometimes, and its requirements and benefits aren’t lsiten anywhere. The leadership feat is great, but near impossible to use, 80% of the time you get either “she’s not interested, you’re silent, this is too soon” and it becomes a frustrating thing to try and use it, espcially because it keeps telling me “you don’t RP enough” with is really annoying to hear when you’re trying to RP with someone. Rp should not be a visible game mechanic, perhaps it could, allow RP xp in combat, or genrate a flat percentage increase for one pupil within reach, anything but three different errors messages very 8 seconds because i want to try and give 25xp to someone. the disguise system is great in theory. but there is a lot of confusion about what degree it should be respected to, without portrait manipulation, it super easy to see past. i’ve had the following issues with it. A player changes their name, but their clothes do not match their disguise, but the system tells me they aren’t disguised A player isn’t disguised in any manner but the system tells me they are. A player is disguised as knight or something, but not using the disguise system so the tool tells me they aren’t disguised, but i’ve never met them before so how can i tell them a part from every other NPC knight? i love the disguise system in theory, but it creates a disconnect from an IG expereince, and i can’t find a guide on how to use or respond to it properly.

Systems are good, except what is mentioned in general feedback below.

KoN custom systems are great. Disguise is very strange and weird to use, and it has no real guide on what it is meant to do. the bandage system and treasure system, is unintuative for new players, who click treasure boxes and die and they have no way of knowing how many free respawns they have before their character is gone The examine tool is also enver explained and so most new players join and have this experience Every one says they smell, they die to a patch of zombies three times, make their way toa box, it blows them up. they gain a level, die again and learn they can’t rezz any more and quit. joining requires a ton of reading that isn’t really available or explained you should read. Learning from other palyers is rarely viable unless you’re a US player

Our custom systems are aspirational but clunky and often fail in surprising ways. I love the aspirational elements and like other devoted players, I have learned to work around issues and accept them as a “price of play.” Documentation of these systems is generally poor. The rebuild of KoN 2.0 should help with this a lot. Some more structured way to discuss this collectively as a player & DM community would be helpful. I believe most mechanical elements should be open, documented, and discussed as needed - the thrill of FOIG only lasts for a month or so before giving way to some frustration. Especially as we enter KoN 2.0 there will be a lot of balancing that will require the players to be playtesters - just like Old School D&D modules. For example, with changes to enchanting, everything from item weights to the difficulty of opening crates and chests will need to change (or other changes to the economy will need to be made to compensate).

Pt II:

Finally, players were asked what could make KON even greater and 79 of them responded with the following.

Maybe have the merchant after character creation offer select spell components as well as clerics a chance to buy a one time use shrine that offers +3 piety. Casters have a dangerous road ahead of them with small spiders one direction or zombies a little love after character creation can mean a lot.

I wouldn’t mind seeing more non ore mineables (salt maybe) which could expand the trade system Into a full o. Game within the game.

Add a small zone outside the vampire nuke zone on holy sites giving a step or two warning about feeling painful holy warding or something.

Pass your server on to someone who isnt a {profanity}, have your DMs all banned, and have someone who knows how to code fix your server so its actually playable you stupid {profanity} {racial slur}.

DMs scare new players away, and are really rude

Give vampires a way to call thralls to them a call with a spell that messages a person they have marked with either an urge or compulsion to seek out their master/mistress. It should allow the vampire the ability to feel as if they are more connected to those they sire and at the same time summon them to them should they need aid while also letting the thrall feel as if they are bound and service isn’t just a strong suggestion or request when they are called.

I think my biggest feedback is to allow dice rolls to be seen on non Locked chest items. I don’t know what I need to do or how it works mechanic wise with things I can’t see so it makes figuring out if it is worth it more difficult and it leads to me standing at a box I may not even able to open for a long time.

The only thing KON is missing is clarity for new players in the matter of in game faction possibilities. New players see all these ig NPCs and only see the available factions to be Lockwood Falls. I know this team has tried starting other factions before in other Baronies and it hasn’t amounted to much because of a lack of player consistency. However, I’ve been asked by multiple new players over the last few months if there are other options. If the team provides other options, I think our ig landscape would drastically change to allow more courtly intrigues.

My suggestion is this. Outside of a full formal survey make a page where someone can leave a question or comment that only you are able to see to ask non urgent questions in the game. Like how does x work, I’m having trouble understanding the guide. Y thing is happening to me is that intentional or am I as a player not understanding something? That way people can reach out without having to IM one of you, whoever wants to can answer when they have the time, but no one is put on the spot in the discord channel.

More active players be on, right now it feel like its a supper fun server but mostly it have the feeling of Role play and PVE I would like to see more free and true PVP tension and role play, it adds a loot in my eyes,

It feels like lockwood is the only place for people and that those who try to seek another faction are left searching with no answers. I don’t think I have seen anyone who wasn’t either not part of a faction or was in lockwood.

If possible set the city of judgement to set the player’s health to 1 on arrival or just fully heal them it should cut down on bugs from players taking a crit and then “die” in the city

Thralls should have the ability to autofail blood drain if they choose to be willing.

a couple suggestions- 1. allowing vampires to suck your blood, AKA purposefully fail the roll. even with nat. 20’s and in-rp allowing someone to bite me they just can’t break my guard and i keep pushing them away, even without any gear or any buffs on, i’m just too strong. 2. more helmet options Just something simple and small, not even needed, but would be nice to see as a small thing. 3. Minions or Mercenaries Support for people other than barons or a magistrate to have soldiers, mercenaries, or minions to summon like bannermen with the call for help tool would be awesome, earned through in-RP more than likely. That’s all I got!

Having Kavin turn in bounties on your behalf would be helpful to those who are more incline to stay underground or people who it wouldn’t make sense for them to go to town to turn in things while allowing them to keep up with the higher level player. It might also be helpful to let him or a friend of his buy items off of players given that it is now a pawn broker’s job.

give vampires the ability to do something like -sensetime to let them know if it is day or night for if it is okay to venture outside currently it is a bit confusing from a player stance just when it is okay to leave, as information I have been told has ranged from 16 to 19 hour being okay to travel.

The server needs to add respawn points in a few more underground areas beyond the obelisk. Its causing an issue with vampires who don’t have sun protection as tensions continue to risk between different factions. It’s open season on vamps, and a reset is the most dangerous time for them if its daylight. Further, the server could benefit from more shadow walk exists. There are two I’m that area that have not been connected to a specific location.

Maybe add a style for the dwarven pantheon where it is based more on Hung Gar giving the user some ac bonus and bashing point for 1/2 monk level. Also maybe a brawler background granting a boxer type style. Even if they don’t actually grant anything for not being an order would be nice to at least feel like you looking bad ass.

Vampires are limited in where they can turn in when so it makes it easy to limit their growth, a bounty collector underground would encourage them to grow and seem more like a threat than something that can be simply out leveled.

Perhaps a few hours a week that DMs have “office hours” or a way to set up appointments for RP with NPCs or for doing cool stuff that needs DM supervision. You guys are doing amazing! Thank you for all of the hard work!

The Farmhouse in Swamprise does not have a chest or two to store items like many other rented locations do. If at least one chest could be added it would greatly enhance the bang for your buck. And would be awesome. I’d be willing to pay IG coin for a chest if needed. You guys are awesome! Thank you!

Kavin doesn’t sell a harvesting knife, which is rather shocking given his wide array of items. Would love to see him add it to his stock

-Already mentioned but putting here so doesn’t get lost: Dark/Epic Invocation Path of Shadow which allows warlock to cast Shadow Walk. Complete Arcane invocation from core Warlock. -Sending spell that allows in game communication to a player logged in, maybe an item also that does it 1/day for sending stones of some such. -Warlock Shrouding transformation allowing racial changes as well as cosmetic ones to the character if possible. -Tongues spell or some way to learn new languages using the language system.

I have two or three ideas I wanted to suggest: 1) make it so alchemist albemics do not get destroyed on use every time. This makes it a hassle because you have to go to tejarn gate every time high want to make a new potion and they take up a lot of inventory space. 2) Class standing locked carriages would be cool. An actual carriage could travel to your destination while you rp inside. Middle and upper class (or lower class with writs of knighthood) could have access to it and lower classes would have to be brought as guests. 3) Craftable or purchasable laboratories for alchemy and herbalism would be cool. These stationary labs could remove the need to purchase potion bottles since the cost of them would be paid in the crafting of the workstation. Perhaps on a super critical (percentage on a 1) the lab could break and need to be replaced. It would be very cool to be able to have actual laboratory facilities for an alchemist or herbalist (or both in my case) to operate from. More ideas will be posted.

Add a notepad that spawns paper to the writing system so we don’t have to carry multiple individual sheets and add a book item so we can write actual in game books.

Possibility to learn more languages could be fun, if able to be implemented.

The shadow plane could do with a few more connections to other locations so villain or others who don’t want to be seen don’t have to travel past so many military positions openly like they own the place or that there will be no issues with them.

Wizards and sorcerers would really enjoy a mechanically supported sending spell for communication, with a casting time per standard rules. It would make long range communications super nice while encouraging casters find IC means to do so.

An in game mail system would be great. It could even be tied to the discord bot, and a command for the bot could be made to register your character with a two step verification process so that letters sent in game could arrive as direct messages on discord via the bot. That or an actual post office type area. This would encourage in character communication instead of using tells or discord private messages.

A small extra dialogue option when purchasing a horse listing the price with a yes or no option would be a nice quality of life booster. We would be able to figure out how much the horses we want cost that way.

I made the form because i had encountered a really bizarre thing that I know isn’t a bug but had to be designed this way. i noticed while out at the graveyard crypts that imps offer 9 EXP to my lvl 6 and petitioners who are far less dangerous offer 15 EXP. Imps have a +9 vs my character, and petitioners have +1, imps have poison, and so on. I think the enemies themselves are fine but the EXP is super low on imps for the danger they pose to low level characters while petitioners offer a lot more

An old women who is convince ever player she meets is her grand child needs to be able to make cookies for them. please add cookies and stew. Maybe even make the checks for like stew act as endure elements against cold if rolled high enough.

If the possibility exists, being able to debuff only specific spells instead of all at once would be great

old werewolf model for when a lycan selects an older age to make them look less threatening or more weathered such as more silvery grey for the fur or when investigated in that form a note adding that they have dull claws or grey around their muzzle

Make Leadship a bit easier to impart it is kinda annoying to give instruction have the other person reply then get told they aren’t taking part.

Maybe add options for crimson mist to feed as time goes on or after a real life week allow the player to reform. As it currently stands the mist’s player needs to basically just lurk in areas nears new players if people aren’t on to feed from the player is basically left with nothing to do and can’t contribute to rp else where in the server. It could be viewed as being in that weakened form discourages rp as some higher level players may attack on sight just to try to remove the threat to the queen’s lands. Certain areas are going to be and should be viewed as off limits to the mist as even hidden they leave behind a trail which would raise alarms in places such as brost or westhaven meaning that players have areas that they can just avoid the mist’s that aren’t hallowed ground until dawn leaving the player to either make an unreasonable move, such as feeding inside of the inn in brost and just having to pretend that the knights there would do nothing, or just stay as a mist and hope for new players to come to the server/stay out at night with out any one around.

A primer for knights on the KON website would be extremely helpful, as long with the information on different knightly orders within Tethyr. As long as expectation from different baronies of their knights.

I’d suggest dragon disciple’s breath weapon be at will. Based on other things like warlock abilities and blighter’s at will attacks, it is severely low powered as an x per day ability, even after it grows in strength at later levels.

Imps give very little EXP for the danger they pose to new PCs. When I last had a PC low level enough to fight them, they were frustrating to fight with their DR and poison, while offering as much EXP as an occultist petitioner. By the time one can fight them effectively without being at great risk, they offer little to no EXP. Additionally, the infernal crystals also offer very little for how much space and weight they take up as well as the threat posed by the creatures they’re dropped by. 9gp and 2xp is less than sinew, which give 9gp and 3xp. Also, I have a build request, and can build it if necessary. Clan Redforge is in need of a shrine in our clanhall, and I want to have Tolir spend a few days mining and moving debris to construct a proper shrine. Additionally, the clanhall in the Forgotten Halls portion of the hall needs lighting. I will be RPing over the next couple of days maintaining those lights so we can make sure people aren’t in a pitch black room in our welcoming hall. Thanks! - {player name}

KON is a place where every character and concept should be allowed to play no matter how wonky the build. Will they live long? Probably not. Will they still have a chance to play out the path they’ve chosen? With the current way the server runs I don’t think so and its disappointing as KON can be way better than this. The server should not focus the existing overall plot to only new or lower lvl PC’s because I’ll be frank. A lvl 10 is not going to defeat the big bad server boss. If someone survives long enough to reach lvl 30 they should have plot access just the same as anyone else. It’s not the DM teams decision on the type of pcs someone plays or when someones pcs should be played.

Prestidigitation use it for rp, use it for cleaning boots, use it for that nice “I just kill a horde of goblins but I have a feast with the baron in 5 minutes” smell.

if possible make the bed in the ooc zone not check for the 2 hours and just let the person rest so casters can ready faster and more smoothly should server resets be rapid (not certain if it does currently but this would make things easier for the player base)

Please PLEASE reinstate the warnings before events (the 2-3 hours before ones). I miss so much because I don’t know that something will Happen, and then I agree to do something else and an event starts. Also it’s a bit odd story wise why My PC is not there. Thanks!

Removing the 5 level requirement on parties and reverting it back to 10. This allows the mid range PC’s to actually take out, explore, and teach newer PC’s. It will also allow the higher end PC’s to actually go with other PC’s instead of only being able to solo adventure if they want any sort of exp gains. I believe the change was made to stop people from taking low level PC’s into areas for better exp and power farm. People are still powering farming and reaching high levels quickly so this really hasn’t stopped it. Instead its only sectioned players into 3 categories, stopping them from being able to really adventure together and solve problems. This allows factions to better work together instead of waiting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for a new PC to catch up in levels.

archers seems very underpowered, plz buff just a bit (maybe dex to damage or something)

Add a book of laws to knight’s background for them to enter with so they can act on crimes or make one able to be bought from the planetar

Update the class changes you have done to be more easily viewed and understood what is suppose to be given when such as arcane strike first level for eldritch knight, or how shadow dancer should have improved shadow lord it should also help give players a chance to make more accurate bug reports when a feature doesn’t work the way they plan or isn’t given at the correct level. Doing it for all classes would be useful eventually to avoid some confusion such as paladins getting ambidextrous.

make the mastery feedback check easier instead of by school do a -mastery or if you want keep the by school allow the option of “-mastery all” for the ability to get an idea of what the player needs then use the school part for more details

Website looking good but a scribe price would be nice NWN wiki did most of the work but with newly added spells it should help us make sure everything is set correctly as well as let us get an idea of what class can learn what of the new spells added easily.

Wizard spell growth is stunted severally with a lack of scrolls towards the higher levels meaning that as the system stands the only way to get more spells is hope a player plays wizard and lives that long (unlikely as life happens and other things) or try to exploit the system in scribing scrolls to learn what they can’t other wise

I have a suggestion for Hide in Plain Sight. This is a very controversial feat in Neverwinter Nights as it is very easily abused (especially for the purposes of PvP) to disable character actions before they can be completed. I would suggest that a cooldown of at least 1 turn be added in order to prevent abuse. If this is not suitable, some sort of counter aside from dumping dozens of points into listen/spot would be a welcome change. Otherwise, I am really enjoying this server.

More clarity on expectations of event timing (in-game events are amazing! and I’d love to schedule my time around them but can’t often react to them in time), and how information flows IG vs Discord (like noticeboard posts - we can all see them on Discord, but if our character is in Brost can we know what was posted in Lockwood or do we need to go there? just one example of standards of play).

KON could implement new PRCs.

Feats like expertise and power attack deactivate on casting, but do not deactivate on leaving combat automatically.You must toogle them off or to another one.

…if blank -write line commands did not use an inkwell charge. As someone who writes a lot of reports and wants them to be easier on the eyes, I go through a lot of ink because I use blank -write line commands to insert a much-needed space. Or perhaps having a -write break or -write space command that would not take an inkwell charge? Either way!

The RP is great, but the plotlines seem to just kind of fizzle away.

I love the setting and mostly everthing invovled in it.

Gem mining could be added to Miner and Gem working could be added as a new Proficiency. Which I think would be cool.

Make fire pits able to hold off the cold. Any one with in 5 foot of a fire pit is warmed and does not need a fortitude save vs the cold.

Well. Two things. Please use NWSync. ‘Everyone else is doing it.’ It beats the buggy Workshop every single time. Players won’t need to close game any longer to download some server assets, but if they’re curious to KoN they can simply connect and have everything done automatically. Same with Hak Updates etc, NWSync handles it. Workshop days are past, and increasingly frustrating for Beamdog/GOG users. DM Events. Cater them to a level range. Right now you have players who roll the level 20+ characters just beat down any enemy opposition. I personally felt as if my character was there to spectate rather than actively participate. Maybe it’d be nice to host certain DM events for levels 5-10? 10-15? 15-20? Etc.

Could sighns be made beside the rentable rooms so that when you rent a room the sighn shows your name, Also with the sighns they can be little chest that hold messages if somone wants to send you personal mail for example.

Allow a Non-Weapon Proficiencie called linguist That allows you to take two additional languages when taken, For those Mage types. It would be interesting to rp such a char and have multiple languages.

I think Cavliers need a little push, This is my suggestion… Commands: - Can only have one of the active at a given time. Similarly to extra bard songs. All last for 10 + PDK Level + Cha Mod in rounds. Rallying Cry (1) -10% Movement increase per level -+1 to attack every 2 levels after first [+3 at level 5] -Can be done 3/day Inspire Courage -+1 to attack and damage every 2 levels after first [+3 at level 5] -+PDK Level to will saves -1 / 2 a day at level 2 / 4 Final Stand - 20 + (CHA mod + Class level) d10 in temporary HP (i.e. be careful) - SR of 12 + 2 * PDK Level + CHA mod - 1/day Shield - Not tied to the Commands above. Heroic Shield -+4 AC to one person, not himself - last for 10 + PDK Level + Cha Mod -Unlimited times a day (Think of it like a front line fighter protecting another and trying to get in the way) (basically, this is no different than the original version, you just don’t have to do it every round) Challenge - Not tied to the Commands above. Oath of Wrath -Add a bonus of 2 / 3 at level 4 / 5 -Bonus includes Attack, damage, save and skills vs targeted race only - last for 10 + PDK Level + Cha Mod -1/day

It needs more clothes options, more robes, helmet, clothes, i think theres a ton out there that could be put in?

In the language system, using quotes (as we do) will make the language display as normal instead of the fancy translated version. Using asterisks has the same effect. “I greet you” shows as “I greet you” instead of “Aemllcwwy anesa amec” - (or whatever in Elven.) Would it be possible to have the triggering of Common by quotes portion of the language system removed? Super low priority because I rarely use the language system, but having to change my typing style in order to preserve the mystery of a foreign language is irksome.

Book writeables PLEASE

I believe that there could be more ways then bounties/rp/npc/mpc xp/ go gain. Exploration xp, you go to areas you have never been to but easy access zone give small xp but harder to reach areas give more for finding. Small jobs for xp/gp gain. Talk to John, go cut timber and return for x gp/so. Go talk to priest and make bandages, return them and get gp-xp.


First an very foremost F.A.Q How many players are there? One more with you! We have around 30 campaign participants, generally. Player population grows and wanes and many more come when more players are playing. When are players active? All around the clock! The largest player counts are usually in US evening times when DMs are also around. The Knights of Noromath also offers a considerable amount of features that enable solo play such as extensive crafting and other non-weapon proficiencies, so someone is usually doing something at all hours. KoN’s language is for some reason this strange self proclamation of greatness and openness that leads players to believe communications and entry is easy, but in many cases it is not. The players who arrive often find a somewhat half empty server, and try to make their way. even the question here is an example of this self glorification, that i think KoN should be above and only serves to give some players a false idea that DMs, players and staff are easily avaible when often times that is not the case Some sort of way to see if a DM is avalible or not, so one does not stand around unknowingly if they have been heard or not. whether that means DM’s should be signed into a DM screen or open their PM’s when online. most other servers i can simply see on the player list if they are online or not. Some sort of description of what is required to be accepted into the Membership area, i’ve been asked this question and i don’t know the answer Finally id like to express why i chose to write this now. First of all i count about 8 - 13 players that have left over the last month. or at least have gone on extended hiatus. and as i said a lot of them have unloaded frustration on me, and i really wish they felt comforatble expressing them elsewhere, because i don’t have any power to do anything about it, and don’t actaully want to break meta rules to appease them, and telling them “this is an IG thing” only serves to increase their frustrations i think. secondly, during the tournament, i was introduced to the seige equipment mechanic for the first time, and i shot and murdered a peseant, my whole character currently revolves around the concepts of murder, killing and duty. And i understand it should be handled IG, however here is what bothers me. I had no idea how this mechanic worked, and at first i thought a DM fora laugh jsut turned me into a murderer. Secondly, once i had this problem i had no idea how to address it, and any atempt and mentioning it was instantly deleted by DM archon in the general chat. I asked the player president then, who confered with the DM team who then told me it was " a mechanics things" that the seige weapon tagets creatures and not objects, or something like that. Im gald it wasn’ta. DM’s choice to turn gwenivere into someone who murdered a random innocent peseant. the player president said i should “treat it like a freak accident” however no DM gave an description of the scene, and the peseants at the time seem to jsut shout “jimmy” and were then done with the whole. “knight shot peseant with a ballista” thing Frankly it’s only remotely better that a random game mechanic has now completely altered my perception of my character and it feels exceptinally unorganic that this happened, and what bothers me about it OOCly is i think it was handled poorly. i wasn’t told IC it was an acceident, i wasn’t told anything, by my understanding Gwenivere is simply so incomptetnt witha. seige weapon she murdered an innocent man. No peseant said more than one line to her about it, and the idea that he was raised is so bizzare to me. it truly felt like a joke anda. compeltely consequence free death. and since i don’t know what DM was repsonbile for it i don’t know how to adress it. this was my the weirdest and most incomprehensiable things i’ve experienced on KoN. A game mechanic guided the actions of my char to murder, a DM made. scene of it and then it was promptly ignored by everything and everyone. And murder is a rather important aspect to my Character. Ill continue to deal with it IC. anyway i hope any of this was helpful

I have a few things that I’d like to talk about. EXP: EXP is abysmally slow. At one point I thought it was alright, but once you hit lvl 10 or 12 depending on the strength of your character at that point the EXP slows to a crawl and you may not even be able to gain any without the assistance of others. I have had characters who couldn’t progress beyond 9 because of this, and I’ve had characters who continued to blaze through their teens because they were just that strong. While I appreciate that this is to encourage a slower progression, it just makes grinding a frustrating slog that you become all too familiar with. Warlocks: Warlocks have one viable angle to play at; start out as a human noble, and play as a generic fighter or scout until you have high enough bluff that you can reliably disguise yourself and evade detection. Play any other race, play any other concept, and you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Warlocks also have an issue I’ve learned of, and that’s their invocations being limited to either one casting or three castings. It turns warlock into a viably fearsome caster class into a class that has to pussyfoot through every encounter. The only options for combat in the long-term is multiclassing into fighter, using an eldritch blast that acts like a radar for every good person in the county, or shooting things with a crossbow until you can get a summon that can help you do the work. You’re effectively a bard that can’t buff themselves except to boost skills. Races: As of right now, there is little that indicates that Drow, Duergar, and Half-Orcs will be kill-on-sight according to the website. I have seen that this is a deliberate choice, but not offering that information up-front is a really bad idea. It results in upset players who have no interest in pursuing the server any more after being told that “it’s meant to be found out IC”. Additionally, I’ve found that demihumans are deliberately not being given the spotlight. I have seen groups put four months of work into this server for them to be literally told “this is the Knights of Noromath, not the Demihumans of Noromath”. As a member of one of these player groups, it was incredibly insulting to our time and our efforts to not be included in this story unless we become de facto slaves to a barony. It makes it feel like there’s no point in playing anything except a human noble. Weather: Everything is good here, except that the fog is causing people eye strain, and people are just bypassing it by typing mainscene.fog 0 in the console. If you want to have fog, make it not burn people’s eyes, please. Class Roleplay Milestones: I’ve encountered this a few times over the last few years, and every single time it becomes a headache for everyone involved. It’s a great idea in tabletop - you get to have this significant roleplay event that marks player achievement - but when applied to a PW where people are on at different hours and may not always be able to encounter a DM available. Worse yet, nobody here seems willing to schedule these sort of events, and I’ve been told in the past “just try it and see what happens.” That’s not how it should be done. I should not sit for an hour roleplaying by myself with nobody to even observe it. If you want to do something like that, don’t make the player have to wait. Catch the player when you can and do the roleplay when you’re both available.

Lockpick and prybars at the planar vender so players who can’t go into town such as teiflings or drow, can at least get a chance to stay in the wild

Include NPCs that can offer enchantments or run events with a NPC who can offer enchantments. New PCs currently struggle to get good equipment because there are few PCs regularly available to offer enchantments.

Since potions dont stack I would like to see the store limit set to 40, Only potion stores usaly have more than that.

The new restrictions on epic levels being obtained only through RP XP will create a major power chasm between existing and new PCs. Now, any 20+ PC who enchants has stopped offering enchanting services, as the XP they retain is more valuable than any coin they might earn. New PCs without a full kit of enchanted items are then placed at a severe disadvantage, and this chasm will only grow wider when newer PCs cannot participate in events (without dying) or get trampled by older PCs who can monopolize situations due to superior gear. A restriction such as this one would be best implemented after a server wipe so that everyone starts on an even playing field. Activating it now only serves to promote frustration. To be clear, I’m not against the restriction in and of itself - I’ve seen it done elsewhere and it’s a decent way to slow down the epic roll. But sticking it into the middle of the current roster of PCs isn’t a good way to go about it.

I feel that there needs to be some new measures put in place when it comes to non-active PCs lingering in leadership positions. I understand the need to take a break every now and again, but the PC leader of Lockwood Falls has been a sporadic presence at best for almost three months, if not longer. My own PC has absolutely NO designs on leadership, so please don’t view this as some sort of power grab. I have played guild leaders, though… and I feel that an active leader is needed to breathe life into any organization. The website here has a rule on Character Forfeiture, but I do not see it being applied. Or, if it IS being applied, then I do not see it being communicated to the players. (And to counter any “handle it IC” responses… nothing can be handled IC when the PC is not there, lest it be considered God-moding by the other players.) To be clear, I am not advocating that there needs to be a different PC leader - simply that the current one needs to be active more than an hour every two weeks, which is basically just long enough to maintain possession. That is not fair to the rest of the players or their PCs. If the player cannot maintain a more active presence, then something else needs to be arranged so the barony is not kept stagnant while everyone waits for the baron PC to act.

Below is my version of a Dirgesinger I use, I know its long but I hope you like it. Dirgesingers voice melodies not of celebration and joy, but of sorrow and grief. They seek to spread this melancholy outlook far and wide, believing that only those who give in to their sadness can truly understand the world. Dirgesingers hold high positions in death-obsessed cultures. Serving as members of a secret guild or as part of a hierarchy of death priests, they are entrusted with the serious responsibility of composing suitable laments for the dead. The more important the deceased, the more sorrowful and moving her lament is expected to be. No one will remember the dead queen in a few short generations, but a great lament might be sung a thousand years hence. However, most dirgesingers do not belong to any special hierarchy or guild. Instead, they are rootless wanderers who travel from place to place, wrapped in inconsolable grief from some personal tragedy. These sad wanderers seek to express their grief through songs that teach the hearts of their listeners the meaning of true sorrow. Some of these fallen bards want nothing more than for others to understand the depths of their loss. A few are sinister creatures who believe that, since joy has been extinguished for them, they must in turn extinguish the joy of others by using their powers to teach folk the folly of love, the futility of hope, and the finality of the grave. Dirgesingers of this last sort often associate themselves with powerful undead, serving in the courts of vampire lords or lich-kings. Requirements: Curse Song feat, Level 11+ Bard Abilities: Song of Sorrow At 11th level and higher, a dirgesinger can strike a sorrowing chord in the hearts of his enemies. Any enemy within 30 feet who can hear the dirgesinger must succeed on a Will save (DC 15 + 2 (skill focus: perform) +1 (artist feat)) or take 1d6 + (Bard Level -10) /2 points of Strength and Dexterity damage. A creature that is affected by a dirgesinger’s song of sorrow or a creature that successfully saves against this effect cannot be affected by the same dirgesinger’s song of sorrow for 24 hours. Song stacking: No Song of Bolstering At 14th level and higher, a dirgesinger can bolster undead creatures against turning, much as an evil cleric does. All undead within 30 feet of the dirgesinger gain a bonus on their turn resistance equal to the dirgesinger’s class level, Level / 2 in STR & CON & AC (natural). Song stacking: Yes Song of Grief A dirgesinger of 16th level or higher can use song or poetics to inspire maddening grief in a living creature. The creature must be within 30 feet of the dirgesinger and able to hear him. Unless the target succeeds on a Will save (DC 16 + 2 (skill focus: perform) +1 (artist feat)) . Song of grief is an enchantment (compulsion), mind-affecting ability. Song Stacking: No Song of Horror At 18th level and higher, a dirgesinger can strike a horrifying chord in the hearts of his enemies. Any enemy within 30 feet who can hear the dirgesinger must succeed on a Will save (DC 17 + 2 (skill focus: perform) +1 (artist feat)) . Song of horror is an enchantment (fear), mind-affecting ability. A creature that is affected by a dirgesinger’s song of horror or a creature that successfully saves against this effect cannot be affected by the same dirgesinger’s song of horror for 24 hours. Song Stacking: No Song of Awakening At 20th level, a dirgesinger can animate the recently slain corpse of a creature within 30 feet. The creature that is summoned is a vampire, ghoul king or spectre. The awakened creature is completely loyal to the dirgesinger and obeys any commands given it (if no commands are given, it simply attacks the dirgesinger’s foes). The creature remains animated for 24 hours. Song Stacking: Yes Other Notes: Duration: As per normal bard songs, 10 rounds + 5 for lingering song Song stacking: This means that a target can be affected by multiple songs. For example, you can do a bard song, a curse song, an bolstering song. Then an enemy can be under the effect of one Horror, grief or sorrow song at a time. May have to review this as we go if it’s too much. Other Bonus Bard song: The other bard songs are not available to dirgesinger, so don’t buy them. Number of Summons -You can summon an extra creature when using -undead summon types -You gain +1 @ level 15 and +2 @ Level 20.

Maybe add an script for the inspect tool for when you use it on a creature you get a brief description of the creature if you pass a lore checks and helps keeps lesser known creatures from being meta-ed after all just because the player knows how a revenant is made doesn’t mean that the character is smart enough to know it and makes lore more useful than just “I can tell what this ring is” and helps gives players context without needing DM interaction

Boot Archon from the DM team Create in the intro areas links to the website, explain the ressuret systm, examine tool and how treasure works Possibly even make a tutorial area, where a player gets to open a box. let players start with on Crowbar or Lock pick get a EU DM, stop randomly killing peoples chars with no satifying story arch, remove the word EVEN from this question

At this point I’ve very nearly forgotten what I came here to give feedback on :slight_smile: My suggestion, since knights have never ever had to carry their horses, is to make a few modifications that better fit game reality. 1) Require Barding to have the appropriate Armor Proficiency in order to equip 2) Make Barding zero-weight (and saddles as well) 3) Offer Saddlebags for sale (only 1 or 2 can be active on a character) that provide a limited number of slots at zero weight I don’t know the feasibility of this suggestion at all, as I don’t know the NWN engine or scripting/mods. The resulting RP experience would be: knights can ride heavily armored horses, others use lighter armor, and tents and such survival gear go in saddlebags - along with some weighty loot like the 10-lb heads of the bandits. This feels very consistent with old-school PnP to me. Horses would be strategically significant, and areas like the Spire (where the Cyricist camps used to be) would be pretty darn challenging as you can’t get your horse or gear there through the underground passage. Alright, that’s all I’ve got! - @{player name}

Move feedback on to the navigation part of the website for easier finding meaning higher chance it is used. Also if classes get a certain language it might be worth adding onto the class page for reference

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Please do some text formatting. Especially a long text gets hard to read without paragraphs.
And if you have enumerations, have every bit have its own line, like:

  1. aaaaa
  2. bbbbb
  3. ccccc

It makes reading so much easier.

I will make a point to try and make this easier to read, thanks for the feedback Zwerkules.

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Surprised you didn’t post this as a blog. That’s a lot of text for a forum post.

Thanks. I found that really interesting to read. I’m surprised the only comments so far are complaints about how you posted it wrong rather than the content itself :slight_smile:

Hehe, I didn’t realize I could do a blog. Maybe for the next one! :smile:

Glad you found it interesting, meaglyn. The spell component system you made was a hit with our players.

Awesome! I was hoping it would be useful to people. It’s always cool to hear about people enjoying it :slight_smile:

IIRC, blogs are made from the Vault page, using the Contribute button. @Tarot_Redhand or @Proleric could probably tell you more on how to get one going.

The answers in your poll on a question how long were these players playing are interesting and are not corresponding to what I see or saw myself on my PW.

I am running PW Arkhalia, and for the 4 years of server existance running under NWN-EE there were 2020 unique cdkeys visiting my server.

The vast majority of them left in less than day, usually even less than 12 hours and many even in less than hour. I don’t have exact stats, but from what I was observing in logs and DM client over one period of time, it was like 80%, only 10% even managed to get to level 40 but quit afterwards due to other reasons, and only 10% players stayed on my server some time after that.

Are you sure you have the right data? It is weird are experiences differ so much.

@Faerinaal You actually have 2 choices when it comes to blogging on here. There is the one you can create via the front page - Click “Contribute” and then select “Blog entry”. This will allow you to create basic blog pages, a link to which should appear on the front page. Alternatively, you can create blog pages on the wiki. These have a much better editor and you can have more than one column and include images in it. Here is an old example of one page I created on there - Hidden Gimp. For this latter you will need to have an account on the wiki and to be honest, it is so long since I created mine I’ve forgotten how you do that.


Knights of Noromath had something like 2200-2400 unique logins before I stopped counting, iirc. The Google Form was pinned in a discord announcement which many players may have never joined in the first place, and those who left quickly or in a huff didn’t seem to bother wanting to provide feedback. I can’t much account for that in my data as the Google Form was voluntary.

I think around the ‘peak’ of new logins, possibly sometime around the steam release, I did a sort of back-of-napkin estimate that 1/10 players actually stuck with the module so I reckon that is more like the data you’re looking at. But even if those players that ‘bounced’ had filled out feedback, being with the module for less than 24 hours doesn’t really sound like useful feedback to me anyway.

You just open your servervault folder and count number of subfolders inside it. No need to count it.

Yes, the last time we bothered to look at the server vault folder is where that number came from. At a certain point, we decided that numbers like that were not really useful metrics to gauge the success of the project by. :slight_smile: That extends to player count as well, as our campaign was not ever meant to MMO-like, but that is getting a bit more into the philosophical side at that point.

I believe I created an account like that when I ended up contributing (albeit like 2-3 lines tops) to the nwsync page. I’m not sure I consider this wiki sort of content, though. I think I will just slug through this on the current post when I get the will and energy to do so. Even that first post look over an hour to format! :sweat_smile: