Found intro movie for old Sapphire Star mod... wut do?

The mod Sapphire Star was migrated across from the old vault and has a link to an intro movie, but that link is dead.

I was digging through some old files and realised I had it, so I’m linking it. May be some friendly mod, or whoever, can move it to were it needs to be as it doesn’t look like the mod’s original author is around.


I looked to see if there was a way I could do this myself but couldn’t. Also checked the archived forum but couldn’t see anybody requesting this file for me to contact.

Something strange here. As only 1.69 can play bik movies I thought I’d convert the intro movie to webm for inclusion in the download. That way there would be a movie for EE to use as well. The odd thing is that while both programs I tried for this could convert the audio, both failed with the video. Both produced videos that were just black screens. My guess is that the original bik movie was created so long ago that neither program properly reads the input bik. Thing is one of the programs I tried (for converting) was vlc and it plays the bik movie. Cest la vie.


I’ve converted it with ffmpeg:

The video was quite screwed up and I had to play around with the settings. I had to force a fairly high framerate to get it out stutter free - among other things. And that lead to audio stuttering. In the end I just ripped the audio and video separately and re-combined them.

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Thanks. Added and uploaded.