Found NWN2 in loft after 20 years - replaying

Hi, obvs an old newbie

Just rediscovered NWN2 in my loft after 20 years so wanting to play.

Advice wanted on following:

  1. Latest patch (PC) and how to install

  2. How to install adventures and modules after I’ve bought and completed expansions.

Thanks in advance


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Hi and welcome (back),

if I recall the last patch was 1.23. I own the GoG version though so I can’t help you with an installation. One you get this done though, modules are installed in your Users/Documents/…/Neverwinter Nights 2 folder. For example if an adventure has a module file, it goes into that directory inside the folder named modules and so on. Usually, if not always, the authors provide the information on the project page.

From disk in loft you will need the offline patcher. Then you need to look at the various patch options and select the patches that match your setup. Thing is if I recall correctly you will need to download a series of patches and apply them in the correct order because Obsidian, unlike Bioware with NwN, didn’t release an overall patch. So you have been warned. (If I am wrong about this I’ll be very happy)

If this is too much bother you can always buy the fully patched version that includes both expansions and the dlc module from gog for an extremely (so it seems to me) reasonable price. Plus you have the bonus of knowing that it should install and play on modern systems. Choice is yours. I’m just letting you know your options.


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Thanks for the replies guys.

I’ve uninstalled my version and will be getting the GoG one as buying the expansion kits alone from FleaBay would almost add up to cost from there.

Looking forward to getting back into it.


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I also have an old version of NWN2, but have patched it up to 1.23.1765 but still get a message when I try to run Crystalmist Against the cult of the reptile god, saying it was made in a newer version. The current version I have includes the base game and Mask of the Betrayer. Is the issue that I am missing the Storm of Zephir?

Looking at the mod description Storm of Zehir is required to play it.

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