FPS Limit, VSync, Loading Times

So, I pretty much came upon a huge issue that seems to have been unknown for so long or even just plain ignored.

If your FPS is limited (especially by you, be it VSync or other), your loading times will be longer.
This is a sad “common practice” in many old games, Thief 3 has it (luckily fixed by snobel’s third-party patch though) and some others too.

So I was wondering…Is there any way to fix this, so loading times are faster, without having to NOT limit the FPS? I like to play NwN with VSync, especially since the poor ol’ engine can’t smooth itself out at higher FPS.
Not just that, apparently my videocard loves to make lots of loud coil whine.


this is because the load screen is doing screen updates way too often, each of which is hitting the sync barrier. We’ve fixed this in EE. Unfortunately, for 1.69 there isn’t really any workaround. Even a GPU-side fps limiter will result in the same increased loading time. :frowning:

That said, you could probably hack around it with nwncx, if you had the technical inclination for it.

Thank you for your answer.

At least it is fixed in the Enhanced Edition, makes it more worth getting so.
Still, would be great if somebody with technical skill would make a lil’ patch for the old 1.69.

Hi, I just started playing the NWN OC again to pass time under quarantine and have noticed the same things… VERY long load times… On the order of 15 minutes plus…

Wondering if there has been any update to this thread and if anyone has found a fix or workaround?