Fragmented NWN Community - where to find what and who?

It seems the NWN community is pretty fragmented these days - there is NW Vault with its forums (possibly the hangout of most custom creators?), there are the Beamdog forums (where someone told me module discussion is taking place now more than here), there are the Steam forums, the GOG forums, for content apart from the Vault there is Steam Workshop (inaccessible to non-Steam users), Nexus etc. Not to mention all the individual PW and SP module webpages and forums.

How do you deal with it? Do you just visit specific places for specific interests of yours (e.g. custom content here), do you frequent several places to keep in touch with other parts of the community / players?

And which places am I overlooking? E.g. where would I get individual help with building that bard I struggle with? :sweat_smile:

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You missed the nexus. I hardly bother with either the GOG forums or steam. GOG seems to have fewer messages than here. As I got EE directly from BD I visit their forums a number of times a day while the steam forums practically not at all. Obviously (I am a mod here after all) I visit these forums quite a few times a day.

I take it you mean for stats, feats and skills advice? Probably BD. In my experience they tend to have more talkative players. Having said that, have you tried the class builder spreadsheet? It’s buried in the The NWN University (use your browser’s search to find it on that page).


I still find this site the most useful by far.

It’s clearly the biggest content library, and the go-to site for builder / creator knowledge.

I do monitor the Beamdog and Steam sites for developer announcements, but otherwise don’t regard them as vital. Players hang out there, I guess, but the Vault tends to have better module reviews.

The rest don’t have much to offer IMO.

Having lots of sites is quite healthy, of course, so it’s not a big deal.

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If you’re looking for character help, that is, concept, implementation, stat, skill and feat allocation, ideas, and inspiration, I would recommend Epic Characters Builders Guild. They’re a very friendly bunch, and they love just discovering new things to do with race/class/feat combinations.

Outside of that, there is the old legacy Bioware Builders site that we still maintain a semi-robust search engine found here


Thanks for the replies and advice everyone!

Personally, I also frequent Steam and GOG forums because I already have an account there anyway, but it’s true that there’s not much going on there, mostly new players that I try to point in the direction of NW Vault. :wink: I don’t think I have a Beamdog account yet, not sure.

No, I never heard of it, thanks. Looking at it, I feel a bit stupid, but I have to admit I’m kind of overwhelmed by it. Can’t even find where to put in the class and such, and I’m rather lazy when it comes to reading up on stuff … :flushed:

I’m a bit torn on this. Deep down inside I know you’re probably right, but I also miss having everyone and everything in one place, not separated, and not having to log into so many different accounts.

Thank you! I’ve signed in over there and made a thread, and it’s already helped me quite a bit. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

As far as a “single sign on” type thing, the community got kinda burned when Bioware shut down. We had all our proverbial fish in one basket. Then there wasn’t really any large group of people where all the castaways could congregate. Now, if any of the aforementioned services fail, we have backups.

I know there are several NWN and NWN:EE Facebook groups. I use the Stillvande and Vault Discords, which both have numerous players and creators. Most larger servers have their own Discords also. I would like the convenience of looking in one spot to find all my friends, but I am too wary of losing my fish again.

I think it goes even way “backer.” It didn’t start with the end of Bioware Social, but with the end of the IGN Vault. THAT was when the community fragmented.

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Visited the NE Vault, then the NWN Community site from there but MalwareBytes Pro warned me the site has a trojan…

NWN Community Site was made by TheAmethystDragon and hasn’t been updated in ages. It is good for finding information about NWN, but there’s no community activity there. The facebook groups don’t offer much either. There’s much more activity on the NWNVault Discord and NWN 2 has its own Discord where there are quite a few very active members.

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