Free Games by University of Alberta Students

What it says on the tin. The web site linked to hosts 9 free (under creative commons license) games created by students at the UoA as part of their course. Find them here. Caveat this is an http site as opposed to the more secure https site.

Anyone want to review one or more of them in this thread?


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I think they used NWN a long time ago didn’t they? Did they not also create Scriptease? I remember looking at a tutorial they created using the toolset around a castle and a Treasure Island one on Scriptease. Also I believe one of them published a [thesis centred on the game].(


There are more, but I could not find any modules made by UA. I recall downloading some off some university, but not sure if it was Alberta.

I’ve had this sitting on my computer from that uni for a while. Tried to find it just now but the page has gone. Seems to have been a homework task for Computing Students. An interesting tutorial.