Free Games From Ubisoft

Currently there are 3 plus a number of trials. You’ll need to have the Ubisoft launcher in order to get them. While the current games (Rayman Legends, Might & Magic Chess Royale and Rabbids Coding ) might not appeal It may still pay to keep a watch on this website as these are very short lived giveaways that will be replaced (as I understand it) every 3 or 4 days. For example (and IIRC) that Rayman game’s offer ends tomorrow.

Have fun.



Thanks for the heads-up, Tarot_Redhand.

It might be common knowledge, but you can also get a few free games from Epic Games every week. Those are mostly indie titles, but in the past they also gave away a few bigger ones (Assissins Creed Syndicate, Watchdogs, Kingdom Come: Deliverance and all three Arkham (Batman, not Lovecraft) games to name a few).