Free (limited time offer) 4 Programming eBooks at Fanatical - Updated

I just found this link and downloaded them myself. Some of the information may be of use for
NwN/NwN 2. Here are the titles -

Mathematics for Game Programming and Computer Graphics
Game Development with Blender and Godot
Functional Programming in Go
Fundamentals for Self-Taught Programmers

You will, of course, need an account at fanatical (or log-in using a Google account) to get these. Here is the link -

International Day of the Programmer 2023 Free Giveaway

Offer ends in just hours over 7 days from now (posted this on 15th September 2023).

Hope others find this useful.


Found out by screwing up initially :grimacing:. There is a choice of three buttons to download each book - epub, pdf and all. Beware All is not what you may think. Pressing that button will download the sample code from the book you are trying to download, without the book. You need to also select either epub or pdf in order to get the book you were after. Also be aware that there are buttons to download pdf in each books description. These only download a six page sample of the book in question.



FWIW and just at a quick glance, the “Game Development with Blender and Godot” looks to have the best build stuff in Blender tutorials I have seen in a published book. Only tells you what you need to know when you need it.


There is a one day (today - Saturday 16th September 2023) offer at for 400+ mb of game assets. I’ve just this minute downloaded it myself, so no idea of the content, permissions, etc. You need an account in order to download this. Here’s the link -

Kenney Game Assets All-in-1 Free Day

Enjoy (or not - your choice)


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