Fresh Install of GOG Diamond -- Choices for starters?

Ok, So, I have not played this in years. I got the Diamond edition with all expansions including Kingmaker.
I want to start fresh in the prelude, and go all the way through all the OC’s. Then likely grab some of the best custom Modules after.

My questions are this. Many years ago I used PRC and CEP only. It looks like a LOT has been done since then. Does the community recommend full PRC, or PRC lite? I have added the nwnenglish1.69hotuupdate, and downloaded the following, but am unsure which I should install. I would like to avoid adding, removing, re-adding, re-removing as much as possible. HENCE, I reach out to those that have been there, done that.
PRC 371
CEP 2_65
Any suggestions are more than welcome!
If this post is in the wrong spot I apologize in advance.
Many Thanks

I actually found the following page from Lilura1 that pretty much answers any question I would have had. Thanks anyways and I am adding this link for anyone who may have not seen it.

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You might be interested in the module ratings here.

One person’s opinion is always interesting, but stats can give a bigger picture.

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