Friendly Arm Inn Area Prefabs (done finally...)


The Friendly Arm Inn area.
Project long due, way back when I done Baldur’s Gate City, Bereogost, Candelkeep, like 10 years ago…
Well, here it is.

Nice weekend to all.
[](http://The Friendly Arm Inn Area Prefabs)


Nice work.




Anyone as ideas for a small adventure module with this kind of areas?
Personally, I have never written adventure, I just designed outdoor and indoor spaces, scripts, etc., but never adventures.


These are very nice, Raymond! Are you the guy who did the original BG: TSCC areas? If so, you did amazing work there too!


Perhaps something that’s primarily interactive, such as a murder mystery.


No, I was part of that team only very briefly. My stuff was a different PW based around Baldur’s Gate. Also, I know that several PWs and the Baldur’s Gate reloaded module have used many of my interiors areas and others stuff.
jlf2n was the guy and the main author at the time of “BG: TSCC” that teached me how to texture and use the NwN2_ToolSet.
I developped after that my own style, that you can see in the vault here (Baldur’s Gate City, Beregost, Candelkeep).


I had thought of this idea of murder and mystery, indeed.
I also thought of an adventure related to the “Wood of Sharp Teeth” West of the Friendly Arm Inn, with a abandoned Motte & Bailey in a swamp (see pictures to give you an idea…).


Ah, that makes sense. I was wondering if jlf2n was your old tag or something. Now the connection makes sense; your approaches to texturing are very similar. I look forward to seeing more releases from you, the new swampy area looks great!


That new area looks particularly gorgeous! Love the moody atmosphere.


You mean the Friendly Arm Inn (FAI) or the swamp area?
The FAI was part of a PW that no longer exists.
The swamp was to make a kind of remake of the NwN1 mini-module called “The Dark Ranger Treasure”. But I would like to use this area otherwise, but I do not know what to do with it, lol.


Well, both! But I was particularly impressed by the swamp. Dank and gloomy without being overly dark.